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  sdm69 22:53 08 Aug 2006


I'm a photographer and would like to create a website to advertise my services. I would like my website to have a frontpage, a gallery/slideshow of photos, contact details, pricing etc. I do not want to use a third party to create a website for me.

I've read articles suggesting that the website "looks good to the search engines, so you get coveted high ranking. This involves choosing the right keywords and adjusting your page title, meta tags and firs paragraph to showcase them". All of this is "science" to me and I was wondering whether "sitebuilder" software is the way to go and whether this method would be sufficient? A friend suggested that I use Yahoo's sitebuilder. On this forum I've seen recommendations for dreamweaver and netobjects. Do they all do the same thing?

I'd be grateful for any recommendations or advice.

  Gaz 25 01:47 09 Aug 2006

Try NVU, a free dreamweaver alternative. It's hard to get to grips with but it works flawlessly.

click here

Or, you could try Namo, netobjects or a free online web-builder or template.

However, for a photography website.. I would suggest you consider getting a professional to do you a small one.

  Gaz 25 01:48 09 Aug 2006

By the way... click here

Theres a tutorial for NVU.. which is free.

  sdm69 14:50 10 Aug 2006

Thanks for the advice. I had a "peek" at NVU and admittedly felt it was a bit too advanced for me. I like the idea of a web-builder. Based on my reseach 1and1 (for web-building and hosting)gets fairly good reviews. So I think I'm going to go with them, unless anyone has any other recommendations.

Many thanks.

  deano_b 22:35 10 Aug 2006

Personally, for my site I use WebStudio 4 - click here its really easy to get to grips with and is fully grag and drop compliant!

  deano_b 22:35 10 Aug 2006

Personally, for my site I use WebStudio 4 - click here its really easy to get to grips with and is fully drag and drop compliant!

  anchor 12:08 11 Aug 2006

A very good ,(and free), web photo album maker is JAlbum. It is quite flexible giving a range of options; various type of gallery, or a slide show.

click here

You could link to it from your home page.

  Griffon 15:08 12 Aug 2006

This is probably an old fashioned view but I think it's worth spending a few hours studying a little bit of HTML and how pages are put together and what makes them tick. There are several on the web. Just type HTML tutorial into Google and dig about for a bit. It's worth doing this because when you actually start using a site builder like Dreamweaver, or whatever, you understand what it's doing. Sometimes it's necessary to go behind the scenes and tweak the code too.

I've used Dreamweaver and Front Page. In my opinion DW is far the better product in virtually every conceivable way but particularly ease of use - but I know others don't agree. :-)

  sdm69 19:01 16 Aug 2006

Thanks again for all your tips. I've been getting to grips with NVU and I am not doing bad at all! JAlbum also looks like a feasible option.

  Dorset123 23:08 17 Aug 2006

Have you looked at they have a package for photos I have set up my website on there and you can link it up to pay-pal as well
hope this helps.

  fitshase 23:07 19 Aug 2006

I've just set up a flash and non-flash gallery on my website:-

click here

I am a budding amateur photographer so a good gallery is essential. The main site was designed using Dreamweaver and the galleries were by other software.

The non-flash gallery was generated by Photoshop CS2 - it automatically creates the pages, thumbnails, etc and can also read the data of the image (if stored). It can also add watermarks to your images if you are going to display them in a large size.

The flash gallery was created using SimpleViewer (click here). This creates the thumbnails, gallery and all files needed for a nice flash gallery. You can adjust anything on them as well using html (colour, etc).

Finally, I use Picture Shark to create my custom watermark on my images. It superimposes any graphic for a watermark so you can have a logo instead of text. click here



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