HELP with building a pc

  unbent 20:12 01 Sep 2005

i have a serious question to ask about a tagan 2 force 580w (tg580-u22)
psu...i am building a computer from scratch and i had connected everything
up, i then turned on the power using all the supplied cables, the fan in the
psu moved only very small bit then halted and the psu popped and there was a
small blue flash and the circuit to the house tripped...i instantly thought
that i had connected sumthing up incorrectly so i checked everything in the
system with the manuls again...and everything was connected correctly
including the ground cable for the psu...and so i tried again with turning
the system on..the same thing happened moved a little distance
then stopped suddenly and the psu popped and a flash...i dont wana try my question this a fault with the psu? or is this a fault
with something connected to the psu creating a wrong circuit? please
help...thanks mike

  Gongoozler 20:30 01 Sep 2005

Hi unbent. If the PSU has an input voltage selector (240V / 120V or thereabouts) then it's most important that you get that right. Other than that about the only thing you can get wrong is a short circuit between the motherboard and chassis. Nothing should be able to cause the house circuit to trip. A decent quality PSU should have sufficient protection to prevent that happening. If by "the circuit to the house tripped" you are referring to the RCD leakage protector, then the cause has to be a short circuit (or partial short circuit) between line or neutral and earth. Try a different power cable to see if that is faulty, otherwise it looks like a problem inside the PSU.

  mosfet 20:32 01 Sep 2005

Almost certainly a faulty PSU.Last time my spare PC did that, it blew EVERYTHING in the box.Lets hope you are not so unlucky.

  howard60 21:35 01 Sep 2005

I would check that something on the motherboard is down to earth. One of the brass spacers could be in the wrong place.

  Gongoozler 21:57 01 Sep 2005

As howard60 says, it's worth checking that there are no motherboard shorts to chassis. I usually do this by unscrewing the motherboard and laying it on a sheet of card. Even better remove the ATX power connector from the motherboard and disconnect the drive power connectors. However a motherboard short shouldn't trip the mains RCD breaker. That is only sensitive to an imbalance in line and neutral currents.

  unbent 10:20 02 Sep 2005

well...have checked that the brass risers are all in the right place, umm i retried the psu...and its not even turning on now so im guessin its blown a fuse or sumthing...gonna have to replace that. tho i do have a question about how to earth the psu the instructions of the psu it sed to just unconnect one of the screws holding the mobo to one of the risers the screw the ground cable to that, is that sufficient?

thanks again unbent

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