HELP Building a PC for 1st time

  LeedsLass 12:42 12 Jun 2005

I've just started building my 1st ever PC and am in the process of putting the processor in. I have opened the load plate(?) and have popped the processor in all without probs, however, when I come to close the load plate(?) it doesn't sit flush. When I use the lever to secure everything it will push down on the processor - is this normal? Or will it damage the processor/pins?

I've never built a PC before so I am being very wary as I don't want to damage any components

  Totally-braindead 12:47 12 Jun 2005

The processor should have one pin missing, at least in the case of AMD ones, and theres a little triangle on the processor that points to one corner, if you point it to the wrong corner then the processor will stick out and you won't be able to get it to lie flush, check you have it in the right way. What processor are you trying to fit?

  LeedsLass 12:54 12 Jun 2005

Yep the triangle is alligned correctly. It's a pentium 4 processor 775 socket.

Im just concerned at having to put pressure on the "lid" when securing it all in place - is that normal (a certain amount of pressure being applied)

I envisioned the lid just sitting back over it without any pressure having to be applied at all.

I'm just over anxious cos it's my 1st time and don't want to damage the components before I've even started

  SANTOS7 12:55 12 Jun 2005

click here
some good info here, some good illustrations too,hope it helps,good luck...

  Totally-braindead 12:58 12 Jun 2005

Heres Intels advice for you click here

  Totally-braindead 13:05 12 Jun 2005

Sorry thats not for the 775, heres a video from Intel click here

  LeedsLass 13:22 12 Jun 2005

Aaargh, my PC won't let me watch the video!!!!

I don't think I'm destined to build this PC today! :o(

  spuds 13:36 12 Jun 2005

Here is a couple of sites that may help: click here click here

  spuds 13:39 12 Jun 2005

Whoops-- Forgot to put .com on first link. Try this click here

  wjrt 18:23 12 Jun 2005

click here#_

videos of how to do it

  Ancient Learner 21:27 12 Jun 2005

There must be some pressure in order to make sure of a good contact, that is a good contact between the processor and the adhesive, cooling block + fan. At least, that is what I assume you mean.

When I did it, admittedly with an AMD, I had to use a screwdriver blade to do it, such was the force required.

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