Help building own PC

  DJfree33 20:13 22 Nov 2007

I want to build my own pc and looking at around £500 budget, I'm looking to build a good games machine.
I already have the following from my old pc which i will re-use to save a little money and will upgrade later.
Already have: Monitor/keyboard/mouse
Serial ATA 200gb Hardrive
Hiper 580W Type-M Black PSU
10 in 1 Multi format card reader

So any advise on what you reacon would make the best gaming machine for the budget would be great.

Thank you for your time

  sunny staines 20:24 22 Nov 2007
  SANTOS7 20:25 22 Nov 2007

click here

A mobo bundle might be the way to go, sorry i can't recommend one suitable for gaming but somebody else might...

  skidzy 20:27 22 Nov 2007

I would suggest a mobo bundle such as click here

Add a graphics card click here

Do you have the OS and case ?

Im not a gamer,and others may have better ideas with a better graphics card,this is just an idea.

Using Novatech for you parts would be a good choice.

  skidzy 20:29 22 Nov 2007

Blimey im slow off the mark tonight guys Lol :-)))

Evening Santos & Sunny :-)

  DJfree33 20:37 22 Nov 2007

Hi skidzy, yes i have windows xp installed on hard drive, i guess this will work again, as i do not have a back up disk.
Have a case but not sure how suitable it is.

  Mr Beeline 20:41 22 Nov 2007


If you are serious about it being a games machine, then I think you need to push the boat out a bit (IE. increase your budget a bit) and go for a decent graphics card like:

- Nvidia 8800 GT ... or
- ATI 3870 XT

Both can be had for around £170. Though you will need to shop around, as both are in short supply at the moment.

While I know that lesser cards can cope "now". But there are some big titles on the horizon that Will require some serious grunt on the graphics card front to get anything like decent frame rates. Probably the first such game is Crysis. And don't let anyone fool you that this will run well on say an 8600 series card.

Up to you. But I suspect you will end up upgrading the graphics card, sooner, rather than later, if you compromise.

Only my opinion of course.

Good luck.

  Mr Beeline 20:48 22 Nov 2007

Other than the graphics card. I would tend to find a decent mobo/CPU/memory bundle. Komplett do some decent ones. An Intel Q6600 would probably be the best bet at this price point.

Say around £300 for the mobo/CPU/memory bundle and £200 for the graphics card. So I think you can achieve what you want for your budget.

As to the case. As long as it's a decent ATI mid sized tower (IE. reasonable room) with a couple of fans in, you should be OK. If not, then Akasa do a couple of decent budget cases. I built a system around one recently (the AK ZEN 01). Pretty good value at around £30!

  DJfree33 20:56 22 Nov 2007

Thanks Mr Beeline, sunny staines, skidzy

  DJfree33 20:57 22 Nov 2007

sorry, and SANTOS7 for your help

  Mr Beeline 20:58 22 Nov 2007

You say you have XP already. But unless you have a retail installation disk, though you "might" get away with re-using an OEM version (though technically you should not re-use on another machine) then you will need to purchase a new OS. Trying to point out that you will need to re-install the OS for a new setup like this. Yes you can get away with it sometimes, but a clean install is best (sorry if you already appreciate this).

Probably worth considering moving to Vista, especially with sp1 on the horizon. Eventually there will be Vista only games, though probably not for a while yet (Halo 2 doesn't count). If it was me. I'd buy an OEM version of Vista home premium, price approx £70.

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