Help to Boot into Win98SE desktop Please

  Giggle n' Bits 01:22 09 Apr 2005

Help please, with windows 98SE & my work on it I need desperatly to back-up.

PC about 5 years old with Win98Se, sometimes boots with "Windows Protection Error." Restart PC"
Or scandisk sometimes kicks in.

I have Win98CD & the 98SE Floppy. Is there a way someone could talk me through to repiar so I can get into the Windows to get my work onto floppy please.

  LastChip 02:13 09 Apr 2005

If you boot from your floppy to a DOS prompt and type the command;

scandisk [enter]

and let scandisk do its work, that may solve it long enough for you to backup, or,

you can re-install Windows. It will install "over the top" of your existing installation.

This should leave all your personal files and so on intact. A very high percentage of the time it works as advertised.

On NO ACCOUNT format your drive. That WILL DESTROY ALL DATA on the drive.

A further option if you have an alternative working spare drive, is to take your existing drive out. Reinstall Windows to the new drive. Set your old drive as "Slave" and then recover the work via the new operating system.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:42 09 Apr 2005

Thanks for the call appreciated!

i will get started in a mo on your ideas, I have tried Safe Mode with no fun, I currenlty have it doing scandisk which kicks in its self on boot but its taking ages.

When I go to do the windows 98Se reinstall which you say will leave your work files intact, I get the prompt to replace the current operating system. Erh is this correct it will replace the Windows but leave the work files I have intact ?

  woodchip 12:27 09 Apr 2005

Start Computer with Floppy disc, at A:\> type SCANREG /RESTORE choose old date and press enter. Note the space before /RESTORE

  LastChip 12:29 09 Apr 2005

That is correct. All that will (should!) happen, is Windows will recreate itself over the top of your existing installation. It will rewrite its own operating system files onto the drive.

Personally, I've never known any personal file losses, but I suppose, there's always a first time.

The downside to this, is in order to install in this manner, the system uses your original registry to rewrite its entries to. If something in the registry is causing your problem that is outside of Windows control, you may still be in a situation where Windows refuses to start, although there is a good probability that you will at least get into "Safe Mode" and you can recover your data from there.

Providing you achieve your primary aim of recovering your data, if I were you, once everything is safe, I would do a "clean" install, as Win 98 after five years is probably well overdue for it. BUT, just stop and think for a while what "extras" you need to backup - Address book; Favourites; e-mail perhaps. It's worth taking the time to make sure you have EVERYTHING backed up that you need.

  LastChip 12:35 09 Apr 2005

Try woodchip's suggestion. Sometimes (if it's a fairly recent problem) scanreg will recover your system. The five dates listed are in USA style MM/DD/YYYY. You need to be able to access a date prior to your problems starting. That's not always possible if it's been going on for some time.

However, if you've already started a reinstall of Windows, don't try and stop it and use scanreg. That's asking for trouble.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:49 09 Apr 2005

a virus scan from NAV in DOSS and all the above and tried to install from Win98 CD I get Sunwin Error, only gets me as far as Boot options and it chooses Safe mode but won't boot to safe mode. Removed Modem, Network Card & add on PCI Graphics card and still no better. Looks like its a gonna.

Thanks all for you help, will have to back up more often in the future.

  LastChip 21:39 09 Apr 2005

Sunwun errors can be caused by bad or loose RAM. As you have been inside the machine, it's very easy to disturb something when you're working, so first, check the RAM module(s) are firmly seated. If there is still a problem, click here for a memory checker. Download the pre-compiled DOS version and run the check on your machines memory.

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