Help on Board upgrade but keeping cpu and ram

  No idea 18:02 24 Oct 2005

My existing board is an Asus A78VX-X, CPU is Athlon,2800XP(Barton)(333mhzFSB)Memory is DDR400(PC3200). The system is working fine apart from the fact that this board is not capable of running this memory or processor at its full speed. What I need is advice on a fully compatible board to fully utilise these components? Any ideas anyone, thanks Vin .

  No idea 19:03 24 Oct 2005

I know that my FSB is limited to 333Mhz,because this is the speed of the processor.My current setup only supports DDR400 to 2 banks according to handbook, by this I think they mean 1 of the 3 available Ram sockets,is this right? Say I put 1x512mb of memory in ,then what speed would this run at and what should my bios settings be? Thanks

  PC Bilbo 22:54 24 Oct 2005

I have same Mobo and was running Athlon XP2800+. You are correct you can only fill 2 banks with DDR400. I put 1GB (2 x 512MB in mine)Although FSB of processor will be 333MHz unless you are thinking of clocking. You will gain some headroom by have a higher bandwidth in the memory but unless you are o/clocking probably won't see any difference.

Unless you have a Skt A processor that supports 400MHz FSB already or have a problem with the board, I can't really see the point of upgrading a Skt A mobo at this stage. AMD are now only producing Skt 754 and 939. I bought an Asus A7V600-X recently for a little over £30 but my supplier said wouldn't be stocking these anymore nor Skt A Semprons( that was over 2 months ago).

Cheapest performance upgrade is still as much RAM as you can fit in.

  No idea 18:28 25 Oct 2005

Thanks PC Bilbo,
Yes its catch 22,AMd athlon xp3200 which run at 400Mhz are quite costly.I currently have 1x512mb and 2x256mb of DDR400. Can I put them all into my mobo? As I understand it My processor will be running at 333Mhz so all this memory will run at this speed, is this right? FSB in bios will be 166 with a mutiplier of 12.5 giving a 2800 processer a value of 2083mhz.
When you mention A7V600 What advantage do you gain, this mobo will support 400Mhz FSB but once again the processor is only running at 333Mhz so this becomes the weak part of the system so in effect there is no gain,or is there?

  PC Bilbo 07:22 07 Nov 2005

In reply sorry have been away from Forum for a while.

I had to replace my board due failure.I only mentioned this as it w

  PC Bilbo 07:23 07 Nov 2005

Sorry again hit

  PC Bilbo 07:33 07 Nov 2005

keep hitting a wrong key so response posts before I intend.

Basically the system will only run at the speed of the slowest component.If you mix 333MHz RAM and 400MHZ RAM, it will all run at 333MHz.

If you upgrade to CPU with FSB 400MHz you will only benefit if you fill 2 slots with the amt of DDR400 RAM you want.

All I was pointing out was that for the slight improvement this would bring, it might be better to wait and put the money towards the next upgrade i.e. a 939 skt AMD64 as I can't see 754 skt being around for too long.

Hope this clarifies my thoughts.

  No idea 19:18 07 Nov 2005

Thanks for your thoughts,yes I agree everything is working fine at the moment,and really there is no reason to upgrade try and keep pace with new technology cost a lot of money and sometimes do you wonder what for? My computer is a family pc, will play most games and is used a lot for web browsing.l'll sit tight for a couple of years and wait for the prices to fall, unless I have a major disaster with my setup. all the best Vin.

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