help!! blue screen :(

  St.Jimmy 10:58 09 Mar 2006

hi, i am getting blue screen everytime i try and start windows. this is the message i get:

***STOP: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0xb97e0a48, 0xf8981320, 0xf898101c)

*** amon.sys - address b97e0a48 base at b977d9000, datestamp 42d24ee8

my pc: Windows XP Home Edition SP2
AMD Sempron 2300+ MMX 3DNow 1.6ghz
512mb RAM
DirectX 9.0c

i really would appreciate it if anyone could help me

thank you

  ventanas 11:00 09 Mar 2006

Do you use NOD32 Anti Virus?

  ventanas 11:01 09 Mar 2006

Sorry, forgot the link click here

Also if you type amon.sys into Google there are many options.

  St.Jimmy 14:02 09 Mar 2006

i do use NOD32 avtivirus, and by googling "amon.sys" it has come up with NOD32 problems.

what do you suggest i do? start up in safe mode and uninstall NOD32?

i really appreciate your help mate :)

  ventanas 14:11 09 Mar 2006

click here for info on this file from Eset.

If you continue to have problems I would contact Eset support.

  ventanas 14:19 09 Mar 2006

Amon is a memory resident driver that loads on startup. It would seem that something has happend to it, preventing it from loading and causing your STOP error. The problem is, how do you get into your PC to sort it. Safe Mode may work. My suggestion would be to try this and unistall NOD32. You should then be able to restart normally and reinstall it. I would not ditch NOD32, it's probably the best AV there is.

If you can though I would get advice from Eset first.

  ventanas 14:24 09 Mar 2006

Support phone number 01202 548888

You will probably need your codes etc.

  St.Jimmy 17:34 09 Mar 2006

i used safe mode and uninstalled NOD32, and its fine :D. i have to say you are a legend ventanas, its fantastic how people selflessly help other people on this forum (and others). thanks again, your help is very much appreciated :)

  ventanas 21:28 09 Mar 2006

Glad you got it sorted. Did you reinstall afterwards, or are you now without AV. I don't think anyone would disagree that NOD32 is about the best there is. I've used it for a while. I would try it again and see what happens.

Thanks for your kind remarks.

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