help black screen, new gfx card

  2drewej 13:57 15 Jun 2008

Hi, just bought an evga 7950gt KO 512mb and im trying to install it, (upgrading from a 8500gt), however when try to boot i just get a black screen and the monitor remains on standby...

what could be the problem?
I didnt uninstall the 8 series drivers could that have somthing to do with it?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:00 15 Jun 2008

Try tapping F8 on startup and see if it will boot to safe mode then uninstall the drivers.

If not remove the new card insert the old and reboot and uninstall drivers

  2drewej 14:07 15 Jun 2008

thanks will try that now (pressing f8 didnt work, + monitor still remained in standby...

and my pc specs are
4gb ram

i read the ram might have somthing to do with it?

  2drewej 14:07 15 Jun 2008

+ i have vista 32bit

  2drewej 14:35 15 Jun 2008

Just tried uninstalling old drivers , but the card still isnt displaying any picture on the screen, it just remains in standby...

the cards fan is spinning so i know it has power..?

  ambra4 15:00 15 Jun 2008

Is old display card on the motherboard or a separate card using the AGP / PCI-e connector?

If display card on the motherboard remove the new card reboot, access bios and change the

display card from PCI to AGP / PCI-e

Power down install the new card move the monitor cable to the new card if old card was on the

motherboard and let windows load a default driver

Once pc is rebooted load new driver from the cd

  2drewej 16:05 15 Jun 2008

thanks but there is no display card on the motherboard, and the card is pcie-e (same as previous card)

have tried uninstalling drivers with no change...

could it be faulty?

  2drewej 21:07 15 Jun 2008

Just tried putting thew card in our other pc, which has an underated power supply + the 12v was not connected, and it boots up fine, but theres just lots of blocky/distorted areas on the screen which i presume is because theres no enough power....

what could i be doing wrong on my other pc?

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