help on bios

  yorkieman 15:40 27 Mar 2009

can anyone help please? i am trying to disable my onboard graphics, i went into the bios and went into intergrated peripherals but i dont know which to disable. my bios is called phenix any help please as i have a brand new card waiting to be installed

  johndrew 16:15 27 Mar 2009

You seem to be going about the replacement of your graphics card the wrong way. Follow these instructions click here or watch this click here.

If you still have problems post back.

  yorkieman 16:30 27 Mar 2009

thxs for your responce but i know how to install the card i have done it before but the last time i just changed cards this time i have an onboard card so i need to disable in bios or evry time i boot up my comp it will try to install the onboard card this happened when i fitted a new sound card

  cream. 16:53 27 Mar 2009

of your motherboard?

  yorkieman 17:12 27 Mar 2009

just used everest to check but it comes up "unknown" but the onboard graphics are radeon 1200 series

  baldydave 17:56 27 Mar 2009

Open up pc (power off) insert new card making sure your monitor lead is connected to the NEW card start pc windows will find new card then install drivers.

  baldydave 17:58 27 Mar 2009

Forgot to add you should not have to go into the bios, when you start pc after inserting the card you will see it mentioned at the bios loading screen,windows will continue to load

  yorkieman 13:56 28 Mar 2009

well i did what you said baldydave but when i booted up i got a bank screen not even widows showing just got no signal showing on my monitor could i just put the card in and then if windows sees it disable the onboard graphics, i am realy at a loss what to do

  baldydave 15:44 28 Mar 2009

Have you connected monitor to THE NEW card monitor socket you have just installed NOT the onboard socket you connected to previously,also has new card got a power socket on it have you connected this.
If you cannot get this card to output anything,turn off pc remove card,place monitor lead in onboard monitor socket start pc should go back to onboard vga(new card MUST BE REMOVED)

  Wak 16:18 28 Mar 2009

I could be comletely wrong about this but isn't the Onboard Graphics controlled by a driver in the DEVICE MANAGER????
Right click My Computer on desk top, left click Properties, left click Hardware, left click Device Manager and then find the relevent Graphics Driver and remove it??

  gazzaho 16:29 28 Mar 2009

I found this advice on another site.

Disable the onboard graphics (assuming that you are running Windows). Turn your computer on and log on using Safe Mode. You can do this by pressing F8 repeatedly during boot up. You should come to a list of options; highlight Safe Mode using the up and down buttons, and press 'Enter' to select.

Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
Select the Advanced tab, and click on Device Manager.

Click on the '+' by the picture of a monitor. It should pull up your graphics device (something like Intel Integrated Graphics).

Right click on the device for your onboard graphics.Disable it, don't uninstall it; otherwise, this will cause you a world of trouble.

Log off, and power your computer off.
Remove the case cover and insert the new card in an empty slot.

Plug your monitor cable into the new card, and when you log on, it should run on low resolution until the driver is installed. It should find the new hardware, and from here, follow the graphics card installation manual. Sometimes it has programs that install the driver and not the Found New Hardware Wizard.

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