mehmetdan 11:33 18 Feb 2009

I currently have a broadband package with TalkTalk. My PC is linked via a modem bu cable to the telephone line. It does not have wireless capability.

I have just bought my son a laptop which is wi-fi enabled. How do I get him onto the internet?

  ^wave^ 12:03 18 Feb 2009

do you just have a modem or do you have a modem router

  Covergirl 12:22 18 Feb 2009

If it's not wireless, you'll need to connect by cable. Belkin do nice long 9m cables. Either that or get a wireless router. Ask TalkTalk for an upgrade - preferably a free upgrade.

  mehmetdan 13:59 18 Feb 2009

I only have a modem.

  Quiller. 14:15 18 Feb 2009

You need to buy an ADSL modem router, like click here

With this package you get an extra usb dongle. You could connect the dongle to the PC and have both machines wireless.

You would then take away the modem. Connect the router to the telephone line, put dongle into main computer, run the setup disk and then be connected to the internet.

Then both machines will connected to the router which is pemanentley connected to the internet. You can then use all the computer at once to surf the net and to run a network.

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