Help in becoming a laptop/pc repairer

  ianmorris1977 13:14 14 May 2007

Hi guys i'm just starting out and learning to fix laptops e.t.c. Ive got hold of a load of manuals e.t.c.
i really want to know how to run diagnostics on any laptop or is there software i can get which will help me ascertain what the problem is before i attempt to fix it.

I'm going to start buying spare & repair laptops and fix them first and resell them to learn the trade before i unleash myself into my local market. Any advise you all have would be really welcome

  RobCharles1981 13:18 14 May 2007
  2neat 15:47 14 May 2007

I take it this is just a hobby & you arn't hoping to make a living from it!

Good luck

  ianmorris1977 15:56 14 May 2007

Well initially just a hobby but will be looking to earn a nice residual income eventually

  Pamy 16:02 14 May 2007

Do you have any experience repairing laptops now, without any diagnostic software.If not you will find it very hard.

  ianmorris1977 16:23 14 May 2007

have some experience in the area just looking for some software to aid me really. Taking apart a laptop is relatively easy.

  Pamy 16:39 14 May 2007

A lot can be found out with a multimeter to start with, but you must have some electronics knowledge. I speak from my brothers electronic dealings when he has repared motherboards etc.

  Totally-braindead 18:37 14 May 2007

ianmorris1977 taking a laptop apart may for you be rather easy but not so for me, and putting them together again can be a nightmare.
I really wish you luck. I've fixed hundreds of PCs and built a few as well but only ever one laptop and after that I swore never again.

  laurie53 20:50 14 May 2007

All I ever found out with a multimeter on microprocessor devices is how easy it is to blow them!


  woodchip 21:05 14 May 2007

You can get plug in testers for computers, I have seen these sold at computer faires, But they will not tell you all. Mulmeter is only good for Volts etc in Laptop. Without Diagrams it would cost more than it's worth

  ianmorris1977 21:11 14 May 2007

that is was i want good software with loopbacks to test ports e.t.c i have lots of manuals for most of the brands and models available to help me take them apart. Just need the software if anyone has any idea which is best

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