Help with basics please .

  HOLLYBEAR 11:00 29 Mar 2005

I need to scan a document onto my computer (job application form) , both sides of an A4 sheet , I then wish to open this document with my Microsoft Office Word 2003 but can't work out how to do this .Can someone help me please ?

P.S. Windows XP , Microsoft Office 2003 , HP PSC 1205 all-in-one .

  Yoda Knight 11:03 29 Mar 2005

Do you have OCR software installed ? Omnipage etc...

  HOLLYBEAR 11:09 29 Mar 2005

What is that ? How do I know if I have it ?

  Simsy 11:18 29 Mar 2005

when you have scanned the document in, what you will have is an image.

You need an OCR, (Optical Character Recognition), programme.

This will "look", (Optical), at the image and recognise letters, (Characters), and use the information it so gathers to "re-write" the image as a text, or word processed, document, and then save that as, for example, a WORD document.

OCR packages vary in their performance. As you are starting with what is, (presumeably), a good quality document, any programme should not have a problem recognising, and reproducing, the characters... however, the accurate reproduction of the exact layout can be very variable, depending on how complex the layout is.

Well that's the background.

The popular OCR packages include Omnipage and ABBYY Finereader. You may find a version of one of these cames with your scanner.

Bearing in mind that it is an application form that you are working with, I presume you want the end product to be EXACTLY the same as the original. You may find this hard to achieve.

I hope this helps.

Good luck, with both the task and the application!



  Yoda Knight 11:23 29 Mar 2005

OCR - optical character recognition.

U may have recieved this with ur scanner, but not necessarily. If you dont have it your documents will scan in picture format only

  Peter 13:19 29 Mar 2005


As Simsy has written "I presume you want the end product to be EXACTLY the same as the original. You may find this hard to achieve." Using OCR this tends to be the case and can be very time consuming.

One way round the problem in NOT to OCR the form, but to scan it as a full size page an use it as a watermark in the header of your document. Do a search in Word for watermark to see how to do this. Once you have the document full page as a watermark you can set it to "No Wrap" when formatting the watermark graphic in the header. You should then be able to put your text over the graphic in the main document. You can use a table, set with the border as "No Border" and fill in your text to suit. When printed your text will be in the correct place with the form printed as well. You may need to experiment a little, but it is well worth the effort.


  Paranoid Android 18:40 29 Mar 2005

It may be easier to ask the company to email you the application form in soft copy. As long as they have the original available they shouldn't object.


  HOLLYBEAR 11:48 30 Mar 2005

....I think I have enough info to tick this one , thanks again all !

  Simsy 16:04 01 Apr 2005

the latest edition of PCAdvisor magazine, and see that there is an OCR programme on the coverdisc, "ReadIris Pro 6"

I don't know how good it is, but probably worth you giving it a try!



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