Help with basics please .

  HOLLYBEAR 22:55 27 Jan 2005

When I click 'my computer' it shows A-Floppy Drive , C-Main/Hard Drive , D-DVD-RW Drive , E-DVD Drive ,and it then shows F ,G , H , and I as 'Removable Disk' what does this mean ? How can I have 4 removable disks on my PC ? If they are not removable then what are they , what do I or what can I use them for and how do I use them ?

All help appreciated people !

  Technotiger 22:56 27 Jan 2005

Hi, you have a card reader in your pc.


  Technotiger 22:57 27 Jan 2005

and these are the slots/drives in your card reader.

  HOLLYBEAR 23:00 27 Jan 2005

Thank you , yes I do don't I !
Now to double your points can you tell me how I can split that C Drive into say 2 or even 3 or 4 partitions or would I be better off starting another thread ?

  VoG II 23:02 27 Jan 2005

Why do you want to do this?

  Technotiger 23:03 27 Jan 2005

Hi, you need a program such as Partition Magic.

Another new subject would get you more help - there might be free progams that do the same as
Partition Magic.


  Technotiger 23:05 27 Jan 2005

or ask VoG - he is much more clued-up than I am.

Cheers :-))

  HOLLYBEAR 01:09 28 Jan 2005

Sorry I took so long to get back , the reason I wish to split the C drive is because of safety for my data/programs etc.I would like to install a program such as Norton Ghost or Acronis and I have been informed that you make an image of your drive and this is kept on a partition,obviously you will correct me if I am wrong but there are a lot of other people I know that have their main drive split or partitioned so they are obviously doing this for some reason.Are there other valid reasons for doing this ?

  Danoh 01:54 28 Jan 2005

Although Windows XP (which I presume is the operating system version you have, although you don't say) is much better then earlier ME, 98, 95, it still does crash and some system files or other gets messed up.
Or you get hit by a virus.

Your standard setup of one drive (C:) has your operating system program and associated files, your application programs (e.g. MS Word, Outlook Express, Nero/Pinnacle, etc), as well as your data files (documents).

If the damage to the software (not your physical hard drive itself) is bad enough, you will not be able to start up Windows and get at your data so you can copy it out onto CDs or whatever. You would then have to use extract your hard drive and connect it to another Windows machine to get your data out.

So to get your PC up and working again, it would be necessary to delete everything, reformat the harddrive which will lose all of your data.

After that, you will have to spend the time required to install the Windows XP operating system. Then you will have to download and install all the critical security updates, etc.

This is followed by having to install each and every one of your application programs, including registering them and setting all your preferred options. Which all takes quite a bit of time.

But if you have a few more partitions setup at the beginning, you can install Windows and your application programs into C:, say. And change the default settings of your application programs to always save and look for your data on a separate partition/drive, say D:.

If the above happens, then your data is safe and you only have to reinstall Windows and your application programs. Unless you had taken a backup image of C: earlier.

If you had previously used Ghost/Drive Image or Acronis to take a exact copy (image) of the whole of C: with a clean install of Windows XP, application programs and all the latest updates, you could very, very easily just restore the whole of C: using that image. Which is a lot faster then reinstalling everything sequentially and then getting updates and setting all your preferences up.

You can go further then this, for other automated backup reasons, etc., etc.

Hope that helps to give you an idea of why.

  HOLLYBEAR 01:58 28 Jan 2005

Thanks for that , any links perhaps to sites where I can view a more detailed description/tutorial on partitioning and creating an image on that partition ?

  Danoh 02:33 28 Jan 2005

If you have Windows XP, there is already a utility bundled with it which is very easy to use, to set up new partitions. That assumes you are prepared to delete everything from your HDD with a reformat and clean install (back up your data first). Otherwise use Partition Magic (I don't have a link readily to hand and hopefully someone else will beat me to it).

In the meantime, here are a couple of links from previous posts I'd made in this forum;

Good discussion pages although the personal example of how he has implemented it for himself is a tad OTT in my view;
click here

MS Help & Support
click here

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