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  9sublime 20:25 25 Dec 2006

My itunes library is very disorganised folder wise, and so I cannot go into the actual music folders in My Computer and drag the songs in their artist folders to my external hard drive.

Instead, I need to drag them all from itunes itself into one giant folder on my external HD so I don't miss any out.

However, I have songs by the same artist but different names which are actually different versions of the songs or from different albums. When I drag all my songs off itunes into the HD, it asks me if I want to replace these existing files.

If I press yes, it will obviously delete one of the two identical tracks. When I press no, it doesnt back up the second track.

I really don't want to go into all the disorganised folders and change names or find all my tracks. Is there a simple way I can get the pc to automatically change the track name or something.

For example, the song Artist - Song name is already in there. The identically named Artist - Song other song comes up. Can the PC be instructed to rename the song Artist - Song_01 like with everything else when something identical?

Many thanks,
Hope you understand the complicated nature of backing up my songs,

  I am Spartacus 20:37 25 Dec 2006

You could try DupKiller which will find all duplicate files (you set the criteria) and have the option to rename or delete etc. I've used this myself.

click here

There will probably be a better way of doing this but I'm not familiar with iTunes

  9sublime 20:52 25 Dec 2006

you say this program can also rename them you say? doesnt say anything about that in the specs. Just dont want to delete a load of songs!
Many thanks for the link,

  I am Spartacus 21:05 25 Dec 2006

You're right, it doesn't mention the renaming in the specs but it is one of the many options available when right-clicking a file. I tested it it out when I first started using it on a copy of the folders rather than the actual ones just to get familiar with the settings.

I also found the link to the authors site click here

  9sublime 22:45 25 Dec 2006

i have a better plan. ill borrow someones ipod (mine got washed), and sync it to my library. Then i can use ipod agent and put it all back on my pc nicely organised, and back it up that way.
oes anyone know of a windows program to find missing songs, because i've lost 30 odd songs since my itunes crashed.
Many thanks,

  Stuartli 22:47 25 Dec 2006

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