HELP! Appear to have lost My Documents :((((((

  GibsonSt19 22:21 04 Jul 2004

Please, please, PLEASE tell me I've not, however after posting this (click here) and not having any replies I started to do a bit of tinkering around with setting up Direct Connections in XP Pro.

I have NO clue as to what's happened, however I've restarted my PC and my user account was no longer there, however I've been able to sign in on my Wife's profile.

I desperately need to get to some docs within My Documents for my own profile, and the Folder itself is listed in Documents and Settings, however when I try to open it I get an error which states that it's not accessible and that access is denied.

I really need someones assistance this time. How can I get it back?

P.s. System Restore has been switched off, so I can't even use this :(

  Night Ryder 22:31 04 Jul 2004

Sounds like your wife's profile does not have administrators privilages. The only way to gain access to your documents is to log on to the PC as an administrator. There will need to be an account on the PC which has administrator privilages set in order to do this. Once on as an administrator you should be able to access any account on the PC.

  hardware technician guy 22:32 04 Jul 2004

err, describe how u do this please and thankyou

  GibsonSt19 22:33 04 Jul 2004

My wife's account is listed as being an Administrators account, what now? :'(

  THE TERMINATOR 23:03 04 Jul 2004

Have you tried to set up another account in your name that was deleted. This should give you access to your folder again....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 23:09 04 Jul 2004

goto control panel,user accounts,click on the user name and click CHANGE MY ACCOUNT TYPE....TT

  GibsonSt19 23:27 04 Jul 2004

I've already done that, but cannot access the 'My Documents' folder for my lost profile. I also seem to have lost all my Outlook emails? Where on earth can I find them? I didn't think Outlook was profile specific

  GibsonSt19 23:28 04 Jul 2004

If I try to set up a profile with the same name as my lost one, it tells me that there's already one with that name, however I see it listed nowhere.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:54 04 Jul 2004

why can't you switch system restore back on and use it?...TT

  temp003 07:51 05 Jul 2004

As an interim measure, to access your "My Documents", you can try taking ownership of your My Documents folder.

Log on to XP Pro using any account with Administrator privileges (such as your wife's).

Then turn off Simple File Sharing first. click here This allows you to access the Security tab for the folder in question.

Then take ownership of the folder. click here;en-us;308421&sd=tech

Then if necessary, set the permissions again to allow your wife's account to have access to the folder.

  temp003 07:52 05 Jul 2004

Sorry, forgot to set the 2nd link properly. It should be click here

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