Help anyone please

  jimmylewoots 13:54 23 Nov 2005


I have the following, desktop running xp, laptop running xp with wireless card installed, a netgear wireless router, and a hp photosmart printer.
I have got it so I can use the internet on both machines at same time if needs be, but i want to create a wireless network to share the printer(connected to desktop), and share files between the two computers.
I have run the setup wizard on the desktop and if I view workgroup computers i can see the laptop, but cant access it.
If i view workgroup computers on the laptop i get an error message saying "mshome is not accesible. You might not have permissionetc , contact the admin etc. The network path was not found"

What am I doing wrong, I just can't get it to work, come on oh wise people help me.


  BigMoFoT 14:20 23 Nov 2005

Both PC's\laptops need to be in the same workgroup.
Right click My Computer, choose properties and then click on the computer name tab and change as required. Secondly to access another PC on the network you will need to share a folder or printer for example.
If you share the printer, right click on the printer on the PC that it is intsalled on and choose sharing. On the PC where you want to access the printer over the network, choose to add a priner, choose network printer, next and choose the second option. For example; \\laptop\epson this would indicate that laptop's name is laptop and that the printer is shared as epson...

Don't worry about IP addresses as your router will take care of this. Secondly do you have any firewalls installed on any of the PC's? If so they will probably cause a problem an you will need to configure them for local network access.

  jimmylewoots 14:38 23 Nov 2005

BigMoFot, u are a genius, the thing I hadn't checked was my bullguard firewall, which was down as disabled LAN sharing.
So I am now sharing the lot, if I had realised that it would have only taken me half an hour and not the two and a bit.

Thanks again


  mammak 19:09 25 Nov 2005

Saved for reference.

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