Help with Anti Virus Options

  Hugo15 21:57 09 Dec 2006

I have just ordered my first PC (currently using my work laptop). I am confused about what anti virus software I will need and a little paranoid about getting a virus.

I am planning to sign up to Sky Broadband and take advantges of the McAfee Internet Security sweetner. However I have been on the McAfee site and from what I can deduce this product would not protect my wireless conection from someone else using it. Is this correct? Do I need to but the McAfee wireless product for another £20 or are there other options (or am I just beeing paranoid)?


  VoG II 22:00 09 Dec 2006

To protect your wireless connection you should encrypt it using your wireless router's configuration utility.

  Hugo15 22:31 09 Dec 2006

Thanks VoG.

I presume this will come with the router when I sign up to Sky Broadband?

How easy it it to set up wireless broadband?

As you can probably guess I am new to all this pc stuff (currently using my work laptop at the mo.)!! Expect a few more idiot questions before long!

  wee eddie 00:19 10 Dec 2006

Most of us arrived here with a problem or two and stayed for tea!

  Hugo15 20:23 10 Dec 2006

Thanks Wee Eddie.

I spend most of my surfing time on a cycling forum but can see this taking over for the next few months!

  VoG II 20:25 10 Dec 2006

I popped in in 2001 to ask a question and I'm still here!

  wee eddie 22:18 10 Dec 2006

My on-line time is mostly spent between a couple of Curling Forums and here.

However this site appears to have a future, click here have you come across them yet. I'm not sure how it will develop as most of the visitors seem to sign up to everything, suggesting that they conduct most of their sport on Sky!

  p;3 01:33 11 Dec 2006

a point; from where have you ordered your pc and what have you asked to be already on it? anything preinstalled.. ?

  Hugo15 12:14 12 Dec 2006

I have ordered the pc (laptop) from Dell. This was after a serious falling out with PC World - delivery was 3 days late, 1st PC wouldn't boot, second one had a red dot on the screen. It comes with Windows Media Centre and Works installed.

  p;3 17:54 12 Dec 2006

your original query was about what antivirus program you might install? so do we presume that the pc is coming with no av program installed ( or ready TO install)

and, to state the hopefully obvious, it is not advised to have more than ONE av program installed on any pc

(eg; I have avg installed on my pc but run the trend housecall also occasionally but NOT as an installed program else the two would clash and create all kinds of problems )

  mike1967 18:38 12 Dec 2006

Doesn't youre dell come with an internet security suite from Mcafee that should give you the protection you require, then others on this site will give you the normal advice with protection from spyware etc

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