Help with an ancient GATEWAY 2000

  Pooke 18:07 21 Jul 2005

Erm, a girl I know has got their hands on a gateway 2000 inc model g6-233 and the serial no. 823047. She just gave me this info over the phone.

It was on w98, they have managed to install ME but there are no drivers for anything. I have tried to navigate the Gateway site but I am in unknown territory with the machine. They wanna install a ntl modem too via ethernet.

Please please help.


  recap 18:23 21 Jul 2005

click here for information on ntl set-up. The specs for the PC are on the low side with only 32Mb, unless this has been increased. Ntl do not say what the PC memory should be. With there being only 32Mb of memory if it will take a BB modem then any other apllication that is running may grind to a halt?

The minimum spec for ME is 32MB click here for full details.

  Strawballs 18:24 21 Jul 2005

click here download this small program and run it it will tell your friend what mobo chipset etc.
If it was 98se why change to ME as it was better.

  Curio 18:45 21 Jul 2005

Strawballs link. Company taken over. New site for download
click here

  jack 20:04 21 Jul 2005

My daughter was given the same model.
Checking the memory on Crucial only the 32 mb is on offer and that seemed very expensive and with only the one memory slot there it seems to be stuck.
I therefore have retained 98Se there seems little point intaking it further. and added a 2nd harddrive to the original 2 Gb one so now she has 4 whole Gb to play with, but that is I fear as far it will get.

  Pooke 00:34 22 Jul 2005

Ouch my head!

Well I didn't get anywhere with this thing fast. Reformatted again, she did it once today already, I then proceeded and installed ME. Once ME was installed I proceeded to install ntl broadband which was a SUCCESS! Woohoo!!

Now I have the net, I tried installing ZA a sucess!! Moved onto AVG and got through the installation process came to the restart and the computer wouldn't boot back into windows ME. After hitting the reset button dozens of times I got into safemode and got rif of AVG. That problem went away.

The spec of the machine is a 233mhz pII, a huge 6 gig hard disk and a whopping 64meg of RAM.

As the machine stands now, she's happy with it, except for no sound and no anti virus.

Any ideas? I've got a busting headache from the thing and bailed out after a few hours.

Many thanks for the info, I'll be heading back round tomorrow evening after work to have a go at fixing it again.


  Taff36 06:54 22 Jul 2005

I`ve inherited one of these from a friend who wanted it taken away when I replaced his box. Anyway try Avast click here I have this running on ME and it is recommended by many of us here on the forum.

  wee eddie 07:05 22 Jul 2005

General opinion was that it was considerably better that ME and it takes up less space.

Also, because of a wider take-up, there should be fewer compatibility issues.

  Pooke 09:33 22 Jul 2005

no going back to w98, I don't know anyone who has a disk at all.

Think I'll be trying AVAST when we go back round later.

Does anyone know what sound this thing uses, where to get drivers??

Thanks all.

(the things you do cos ya don't like saying no)

  Taff36 10:08 22 Jul 2005

Run Aida32 as mentioned before or Belarc Advisor click here this will tell you all the hardware on the system and from that you can get the correct drivers for ME.

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