help after storm

  yozzer1 22:51 16 Jul 2003

My computer was switched on tonight during electric storm,when I went to use it i found the screen did not power up ! rebooted and power light came on PC and fan was running,cd+dvd drive lights came on when reset button pressed, but PC DEAD ! fitted old PC to monitor all ok.
HELP me please

  woodchip 22:58 16 Jul 2003

CPU fryed

  dazzling (work) 22:59 16 Jul 2003

sounds like somethings frazzled mine got hit by lightning once and it fried the cmos chip.if in doubt take to a computer shop unless you can systematically test everything yourself to find the fault.darren

  Bodi 22:59 16 Jul 2003

of elimination. You know you are getting power to your board and so at least the power supply appears to be working.

You are going to have to check each component which isn't much help if the fault is in the motherboard.

Personally, I'd start by checking that everything is seated properly and all power connections are secure. Then, and this is no help at all, find some way of checking motherboard, CPU and expansion cards.


  Steven135 23:01 16 Jul 2003

Did you have surge protectors? If you did you can claim from the surge protector manufacturer.

If you didn't sorry to add to your distress.

  shortcircuit 23:02 16 Jul 2003

Follow instructions below...

Pick up broken monitor and place by bin.

Reconnect old monitor and use pc.

Fill in claims form from house insurance.

Await for cheque for £250 and purchase 17" TFT from ebuyer.

Place broken monitor in bin.

Change old monitor with new and place old monitor back under stairs.

And sit back and enjoy!!!

  shortcircuit 23:03 16 Jul 2003

Sorry. Didnt read it right.
Change monitor for base unit.
Same result!!

  yozzer1 23:23 16 Jul 2003

im laughing thru' my tears, shortcircuit

  woodchip 11:08 17 Jul 2003

If you have no spares you may be better going to a computer repair and ask if can test by trial and error of cpu etc. as you may finish up buying that many spares you will be able to build a new computer

  Philip2 11:33 17 Jul 2003


  BlueMeanie 18:51 19 Jul 2003

If you have an internal modem fitted for internet access - remove the add-on card, and try the PC.
This item often blows first during a storm.

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