Help- ADSL with wireless router

  Fawaz 12:19 17 Jan 2007

I can't get my AOL ADSL modem and my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Wirless Cable/DSL router to work. When i connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the router i lose the DSL. Is it because I have a ADSL modem and not a DSL modem?
Thanks for any help.

  Ashrich 19:45 17 Jan 2007

Which ADSL modem do you have Fawaz ? Does it have more than one Ethernet port on it ? .


  Fawaz 20:56 17 Jan 2007

It's a BT Voyager 100. It's only got one ethernet port. Could I get another modem with 2 ethernet ports and get it to work that way?

  Ashrich 21:31 17 Jan 2007

Voyager 100 is a USB modem , not Ethernet , if that is what you have it will not work with a Wireless router , you would need at the least a Voyager 205/210 to connect by ethernet .


  Fawaz 01:08 18 Jan 2007


  Fawaz 01:14 18 Jan 2007

Would a bt voyager 210 work instead of my bt voyager 100... I'm just about ot buy one.

  Ashrich 19:48 18 Jan 2007

210 Would work great , if you have any problems installing it , come back here ! .


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