help with addressing labels

  palinka 13:46 20 Aug 2004

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve a problem I have printing labels. I am secretary to a 20 member group; I have all their names and addresses and have them all positioned correctly to print out on a sheet of labels (by trial and error, not by importing from a database).
Now I've changed to a different (nameless) brand of labels and short of tweaking every line of every address there seems no way of making them line up with the new labels.
So far I 've succeeded (!) in printing 20 labels all of the same address, correctly aligned with the new labels; and one page with all 20 addresses not aligned with the labels. Help! There must be a simple solution, but I don't know where to find it.

  cherria 13:56 20 Aug 2004

I assume you're using Word to do this? What version?

The process is something like this

Start a new blank document.

Go to the tools menu in word 2002, there is a letters and mailings option then a envelopes and labels option

If you select this, you need to select the size of labels you are using, there are hundreds of sizes, I'm sure that whatever you are using it will be there or the Avery equivelent will be there.

Once you have the right labels selected, Word creates a table which fills the page with the cells the right dimensions for your labels

  A&D 13:59 20 Aug 2004

I recommend you buy a copy of Microsoft Works 7 which makes the whole job simple. I'm a sec for a stroke club and like you I have to post lots of mail each month and I do not have a problem. The database is included and is simple to set up and use.

  €dstowe 14:00 20 Aug 2004

Better still is to use Avery Design Pro Light version click here

This is a copmplete stand alone program for all such needs as yours.

Best of all - it's free!.

  palinka 14:25 20 Aug 2004

thank you all. Yes, sorry , I should have said I'm using MS Word 2000. That should deal with it, as Cherria says. I've made a note of avery's site too, never know when it might come in handy.

  palinka 14:32 20 Aug 2004

but just realised something else - under "print" there are 2 radio buttons: one is print whole page of same label; the other is print a single label. Where do I find a "print this whole page of 20 different addresses" button?

  rawprawn 15:03 20 Aug 2004

Just be careful, I have been struggling to do labels for a club, and I find that if I use more than 6 lines (on a 99.1mm * 38.1mm label) of address although they look as though they are OK, towards the end when printing they start to stray onto the next label, and it gets progressively worse. I try to limit the addresses to 5 lines by putting City & postcode on one line for example. I can't help you with the print buttons I can't find them. In set up I just get options print document or selected. because all the labels are different and on one page.

  palinka 18:03 20 Aug 2004

thanks, rawprawn. Thew whole process seems full of problems that are hardly worth solving (I think)if like me you're doing this for only 20 members perhaps 6 times a year.
That's why I've tended in the past to give up and go back to pen & ink. But I don't like to be beaten and today I had some spare time so i thought it was worth trying to solve it once and for all. €dstowe's link to Avery's site was useful as I found out the Avery number of my nameless-brand labels. From there, but still trial and error, I've re-inserted the names & addresses and they now fit on the labels.

  palinka 18:06 20 Aug 2004

and yes, they now print out properly via print >doc.

  €dstowe 18:10 20 Aug 2004

Why not use the Avery software as suggested? Much easier and more versatile than trying to do it in a MS program.

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