Help with adding more RAM

  TonyTT 21:51 28 Nov 2006


My gaming has started to be affected by jumping and stuttering screens. I think it might be a lack of RAM. I mean I do have 1 gig of RAM and a Geforce 6800 with 256mb card. But I seem to have loads of programmes running now, from Norton to wireless drivers etc. Could fitting another gig of RAM help?

Next do I get the right type?......and how do I do it?

Anyone know a noddy/beginners/step by step guide to installing RAM?

Help always appreciated.

  oldbeefer2 22:29 28 Nov 2006

try typing 'extra ram' into the search box - there are a few threads there that should help.

  terryf 22:53 28 Nov 2006

Don't fit more than 3gb, win xp won't regcognise more than this. If your mobo and processor will allow fit ram in pairs ie 2 x 512M or 2 x 1gb. click here and click here to find out the type and price of RAM for your system

  sean-278262 23:37 28 Nov 2006

from Norton - Remove it and get AVG free

to wireless drivers - start > run type "msconfig" hit enter, go to services tab and stop all non essential programs from starting at boot. Basically everything but a firewall and antivirus for most people.

Try this before buying anything. A spring clean often helps. Back everything up and reinstall windows afresh and you will likely see a huge increase in speed from your computer. The biggest reason computers slow down is messenger programs that people insist on running. I know a guy who had MSN live, yahoo, AIM, myspace messenger to name but 4 of the ones he had running. So find ways to curb your need for things to be always running. Try GAIM (google for it as it is free).

Disable the language bar and things like office quick start and winzip. Remove icons from your desktop that you do not need. It is perfectly reasonable to no more than 10 on it unless you are using it as an organisational zone. All these things are things windows and your computer has to mess about with. The quick launch section is another thing you may as well clean up as well as these things all add to draining resources.

Other ways to improve power is to go back to the old windows theme. Just one will make little difference but a lot of changes can make a big difference however a fresh start can be the best way forward.

  [email protected] 23:48 28 Nov 2006

if you havnt, free upgrade to norton 07, 3 less processes and smaller than avg free and za.
vastly 'slimmer' than norton '06 a noticable difference

  Totally-braindead 00:24 29 Nov 2006

I think you should really look at whats running in the background and disable what you don't need.

  HondaMan 08:57 29 Nov 2006
  Kate B 10:37 29 Nov 2006

You shouldn't have too much trouble with 1GB of RAM and that card. I'd do scans with all the usual anti-malware stuff and also see what's insisting on running at start-up.

  TonyTT 10:57 29 Nov 2006

Thanks people, great advice as always. There is one more thing. When you go to process' or msconfig/ startup.... how do you know which process' are essential to your system?

  Totally-braindead 11:25 29 Nov 2006

Good question and that is a bit more tricky. If you do a google search you can find some advice on this but what I do when I do the likes of this is only disable things which I can clearly identify. Anything I do not know the name of I leave. I also write down what I have disabled so if there is a problem I can sort it again.
As an example I might disable my monitoring software, Epson printer. quicktime etc. Basically whatever is in the taskbar but will not effect me, a lot of the programs simply load up at startup to check for updates etc and are not essential by any means and end up running in the background continually slowing your system up but not doing you any real good.
Have a look here for start up programs advice click here and click here

To repeat and this is very important, keep track of what you alter so if there is a problem you can switch it back, if you don't you could screw up your computer so badly you won't get it to run.
Also defrag regularly and use Ccleaner every so often to clear up the rubbish click here regarding adding more memory all the advice you need is on the Crucial website and if you run the "scan my system" thing it should identify your motherboard, what you have in the way of memory and what your board can take.
Norton was always a bit of a drag on resources though I do not know if this is any longer the case. You could temporarily disable it and see what that does, but obviously don't go online with it disabled, if it does noticeably speed up then you know that is part of the problem. Whether this would make any difference whatsoever you would only know by trying but if you do this please make sure you put it back on before you go online again as with no anti virus running you would get hit by viruses very quickly and that would only makes things a thousand times worse.

  TonyTT 12:28 29 Nov 2006

Thanks everyone.

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