Help with Acronis 2009 please

  six-h 22:03 15 Nov 2009

Excellent as it is, this software always confuses me!

I've just done a complete "system back-up", hope this is what I would call an image!

(Why oh why do they call a spade "a digging implement"?)

Just looking at the log, there is a warning at "Event #2" which says Priority changed to low Error code 11 (0x64000B).
Doesn't instil confidence!!
Anybody know what it means, and why it happened?
Do I have to start again?

  six-h 22:50 15 Nov 2009

Having googled the error code, it seems this is caused by the Acronis default priority being pre-set to "Low" aparently the "Normal" priority setting is the only one that would avoid a "Priority Changed" warning.

Having said that, the only Google links were to postings between 2004 and 2007...not exactly recent, or neccesarily pertinent to "Home 2009".
Guess I'll find out if it is a problem when it's too late!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:51 15 Nov 2009

You will get this message if the backup priority is changed whilst a backup process is running. Right clicking on the moving backup Icon will show which priority is being run. If the priority is changed this particular backup will fail and the warning message will be generated.

There may be other reasons for this message but the above is the most usual one.

Make sure the backup priority is set to normal

  six-h 23:05 15 Nov 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\,
I also read that verbatim, in one of the Wilder's forum postings...worrying.

However reading further posts it seems that the "warning" is just that, a warning.
Generated I presume, because you have not altered the priority setting that Acronis sets as default(Low).
On commencement therefore, the process immediately switches from "Normal" to the default setting of "Low" and generates the warning.
At least, that's the way I interpret it!

Since the validation was successful, I'm hoping that the Image is OK, but would be grateful for confirmation from others that have restored from an image that had this warning

  Rob_08 23:23 15 Nov 2009

Did you back up to an external drive or to DVD ?
I hope to external drive as 2009 and 2010 versions have problems restoring from CD/DVD media. I contacted Acronis who informed me to only back up to an external drive, so i bought a 1TB My book. All backups after that were fine.

  woodchip 23:24 15 Nov 2009

Best way is check the Image in Acronis. If it passes ignore the Event Viewer

  six-h 23:48 15 Nov 2009

Hi Rob_08, Yes I've backed up onto an external HDD.
You say all were fine, does that mean you have had this warning and still managed to restore from the image?

woodchip; Yes, I set it to validate the image, and it reports that it was successful, I'm probably being over anxious!

Strange thing is that I made an image of my laptop's old drive after replacing it, onto My big external HDD plugging both in to my PC with the same Acronis software, using the same settings and there are no warnings in the log for that image.

  Muergo 00:07 16 Nov 2009

If you have an incremental backup and it verifies it is O.K., how do you know the verification is correct? Is it possible to view a portion of the backup to see that it is really there; for example an e-mail message received, without the acid test of performing the recovery process.

It is no good waiting for the worst to happen before finding something might not have worked.

  six-h 00:12 16 Nov 2009

Muergo; exactly!
But mine isn't an incremental backup it's a one off image of the whole HDD hence my need for re-assurance.

  Muergo 10:17 16 Nov 2009

I have been looking at the Acronis forum site and it would appear that only Acronis True Image 2010 is compatible with Windows 7. Furthermore some users are having trouble with it, but response is that the latest build MUST be downloaded.

Other extras for the program will not be available until Spring 2010.

So now I have to pay to upgrade my Acronis 9 to run with W7

What with that and no driver for my Canon printer, my cheap pre launch Windows7 is still on the shelf.

  woodchip 10:22 16 Nov 2009

Older Versions work okay with 7 if the Acronis CD is used to boot from and create the IMAGE

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