gunf 13:19 23 Aug 2009

To anyone that might be able to help,

I've recently acquired an Acer 7720G laptop which after having for about 24 hours won't boot up properly and instead just shows a black/blank screen whenever I boot the computer.

As I understand it it is a common problem but I have no idea what to do.

I don't seem to hear the fan, but I can hear the computer start up with the bootup noise. Lights indicate that the laptop is working but I haven't got a clue what to do. I've tried pressing Fn + F6 (as well adjusting the brightness and still nothing) as well as taking the battery out and holding the power button for over 20 seconds and nothing.

Maybe it has something to do with the drivers or BIOS, but I'm not savvy enough to know what to do there or what they are. Booting off a startup drive I hear is one option but if I can't see the screen isn't a help and it didn't come with any discs which isn't exactly a help.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this or am I screwed? I was really blown away with the machine and I was looking forward to watching some more HiDef movies and then this happens. Frustrated isn't the word.

Any other info that you think I might need just let me know but there isn't anything I can remember that I think I would have done to have caused this. I did leave it on in the morning whilst downloading something but it was scheduled to close down when the download was complete.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated as I am ripping my hair out and don't seem to be having much luck through google.

  GaT7 14:27 23 Aug 2009

Well, if it's a brand new laptop, you could try contacting Acer Support for help click here. G

  mooly 19:41 23 Aug 2009

What happens if you press ALT and F10 when it first boots up (to enter recovery mode).
Do you see the acer splash screen when it boots ? or is it totally dark with no light, cursors, text etc on the screen ?
If you shine a torch on the screen can you make out any text/ images etc (thinking backlight not lit)
The first thing an Acer asks you when you power it up from new is to burn recovery discs. Did you :)

  gunf 11:33 24 Aug 2009

Thanks for the Acer support help. Am trynig that now.

As for you Mooly: I've tried ALT and F10 but the screen is still blank, and no, I can't see any text faintly in the background. Even with a torch.

I didnt back up any discs becuase I bought it second hand and wasn't instructed to. Hmm.

Any thoughts?

  gunf 11:39 24 Aug 2009

I've just realised. The computer hadn't been used in some months and of course when I started up for the first time in a while it downloaded the windows updates. Which may have had something to do with it perhaps?

  mooly 12:07 24 Aug 2009

What if after hitting the power button to turn it on you repeatedly keep pressing F2 to enter the bios screen. Does that give any display of anything ?
If not it doesn't sound good.
As for recovery disks, if you can get it up and running you should still be able to burn these from Acer ERecovery.

  mooly 12:11 24 Aug 2009

Found this,
click here

  gunf 13:04 24 Aug 2009

Hey mooly, thanks for the link.

Unfortunately, my laptop won't even come on once it starts up again, the LED's work and you can hear the hard drive ticking over but nothing appears on the screen.

I tried doing the F2 thing but it beeped quite loudly at me, and I'm assuming it was running but the screen wasn't showing it.

This has properly got me stumped, I don't know enough about BIOS but it seems a lot worse than that.

Acer tells me that without a receipt, it looks like the laptop is out of warranty and it will cost me £52 just to have it sent off! I need to try and get the receipt off the person who sold me it but if that comes to no avail, is there anything else I can do?

This is beyond frustrating now.

  woodchip 13:32 24 Aug 2009

If this is a New Laptop, I suggest you take it back and let them sort it under warranty

  woodchip 13:33 24 Aug 2009

Your first port of call is with supplier not ACER

  gunf 13:37 24 Aug 2009

I got it from a friend who I'm trying to get the receipt off. SO no, its not brand new unfortunately.

Thanks for the tip though...

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