mike_w 01:24 24 May 2003

I need help designing a website and I don't know where to start
If anybody can recommend, do I use Dreamweaver or HTML
It would be a simple website

  hugh-265156 01:56 24 May 2003

no coding involved.use star office or msworks and choose from templates that you can add to.thats about as far as ive got.

  DieSse 01:58 24 May 2003

Just about the most comprehensive set of links about web design that you could ever want.

click here

Look at the totorials section for a start.

  DieSse 02:01 24 May 2003

click here Try this one in prticular.

  Taran 09:06 24 May 2003

Dreamweaver, like other web editing programs, generates HTML which is the core underlying language of web pages.

If you don't have Dreamweaver, you certainly don't need to buy it. It is without doubt a superb program, but it is expensive and entails a very steep learning curve by comparison to some other editors.

Most of the work in designing a good website is actually done away from a computer, using tools that I for one would be lost without. I'm referring to a pad of paper and a pencil. Once you become adept at the design process, you can visualise most of your page design without jotting things down, but it is still worth getting into the habit of sketching out an overall look and making notes about what you want your pages to say.

Take a good look around the web and see what you like and what you don't. Think about possible colour schemes, page layouts and most importantly, what it is you want your site to say or offer. Once you have put some serious planning into it, you can think about starting to create the pages.

If you have Microsoft Office or almost any other office suite, you can create simple web sites using Word by clicking File, Save As web page. If you have FrontPage, you're off to a flying start already, whether you know it or not. Assuming you have FrontPage, click here for details on getting the Microsoft FrontPage tutorials.

It would help to know which Office suite you have, which version of Windows you are using and what your site content might be. The links provided by DieSse offer some sound advice and discussions on design issues and concepts, so they are a good place to start.

  Forum Editor 10:09 24 May 2003

highlights the underlying problem facing many forum users. They want to create a web site of their own, but don't know where to begin.

Many would-be web designers are deterred from even starting because they hear tales of complicated HTML coding and difficulties with uploading to web servers etc. We want this forum to be a place where such fears can be allayed, and where people like mike_w can be helped to understand the basics of web design.

Keep reading mike_w, I'm sure you'll soon be up and running. Follow Taran's advice, and have a look around at other sites before you start on your own. If possible, use a simple Desktop publishing package to rough out your design ideas/colour choices, so that when you start designing your site you'll already have a basic plan.

DieSse's link will give you a good idea of what's possible and what's available, although it obviously has an American bias when it comes to listing domain hosts etc.

  graham√ 20:18 24 May 2003

You've spoilt this site already with a 'HELP'

  woody 01:19 25 May 2003

If you do not already have an expensive program try star.Free to try on the cd.
Just make a page like DTP and off you go.
To start do something like "This is my page" and send it off.

Then when you realize how easy it is - get down to some serious designing.

  User-312386 23:21 25 May 2003

as a starter i would go here 1st click here

its a great starter package and then if you enjoy web design then you can go to use M$ Front Page

Serif software is good for beginners as it does not involve frames etc etc

you will either love web design or loathe it

it is a challenge


  david.h 17:22 03 Jun 2003

are there any drawbacks to the serif free products, are they copatiable with xp and office xp, i am looking for a web wizard program that will work with my isp as xp office does not. serif looks good. but I do not want to download it as a earlier version i downloaded a couple of years ago was hard to unistall and messed up other programs.
any comments from readers

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