Mutant_Llama 12:07 15 Feb 2003

I have just bought a GeForce 4 128MB DDR Ti4600 graphics card but after about 30 minutes of use my PC just shuts down and reboots?

I have an:

300watt power supply
CD rom
DVD rom

Think its the power supply?

  professor 16:17 15 Feb 2003

as you have an XP CPU you will have a Via chipset i would think go to their wedsite and download the hyperion chipset id drivers onse that is done do the following

uninstall everything to do with your G.card
then install the chipset id drivers when you can select normal mode for agp driver NOT turbo mode
let it restart when prompted then install G.card drivers but get the latest drivers.

if its not that i can only think of 2 other things
1you need to flash your BIOS to get enhanced AGP support

2 the power suypply itself is not powerful enough or you may need to increase the power to your CPU a little


  professor 16:18 15 Feb 2003

when i say insrease power to your CPU i dont mean over-clock it i mean increase the voltage to it a little


  Patr100 16:55 15 Feb 2003

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  Djohn 17:06 15 Feb 2003

Also check to make sure that the new card is not getting too hot, as this will also cause the problem you have. J.

  graham 17:50 15 Feb 2003


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