mrtugboat 11:45 27 Feb 2014

Hi All,

Basically, i have an issue on my home network. Our flat used to be a 2 separate flats that have now been converted into one. We have two phone sockets but only one active which is in the kitchen. It is completely the other side of the living areas and the signal dies down by the time it reaches the living room. So i brought a Netgar extender which is now in the living room and this reaches the bedroom and the study.

The connection drops out a lot though. I know it isnt best to use Wifi for online games and streaming videos but i dont have much choice as i cant run cables through the house as its rented and Sky and the landlord wont help out with activating the other phone socket, or moving the one we have.

I was wondering if anyone else had any advice? i was looking at buying a repeater to help make a stronger connection but i am not sure. Would this mirror and repeat the same specs coming off the Sky Hub?

Any advice would be brill.

Thanks mark,

  onthelimit1 10:56 28 Feb 2014

As long as the mains sockets are from the same power supply board, then I'd suggest homeplugs. An example of wired ones here.

  mrtugboat 15:05 28 Feb 2014


Thanks for the reply mate.

Do these work the same as the netgear extender? or are they just better? I take it they just plug right into the socket and they dont need to be wired in continuously to the main router?


  onthelimit1 15:22 28 Feb 2014

One needs to be connected by ethernet to the router. The other one can plug into any other socket in the house and connect with ethernet cable to whatever. The second one is available in a wireless version if you want wireless access away from the router

  mrtugboat 13:50 03 Mar 2014

Okay thanks for that. Ended up having a big chat with the landlord and they are going to now move the phone socket to the desired place. I am now looking at getting a better router, which will provide a high wifi range. Was thinking of Netgear, what would you advise? was looking at spending around the £100-120 mark.

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