bassman123 11:48 05 Sep 2011

photo gallery can't open this photo or video this file is not supported,or don't have the latest updates to photo gallery how can l remedy this please

  BRYNIT 12:00 05 Sep 2011

Is this all photo/videos or just a few?

Photo gallery can not open all photo/video files.

If you let us know what type of file and file extension some one may have the answer.

  gengiscant 12:11 05 Sep 2011

A little more than just 'help' always gets more people looking at the problem. Then as many details as you can in your post also helps.

  bassman123 12:13 05 Sep 2011

they are photos l deleted by mistake of zoombrowser and windows photo gallery from my laptop

  Nontek 12:27 05 Sep 2011

Strewth, why no mention of your mistake in your original post??

This direct download will recover deleted photos ... first, create a New Folder on your Desktop and then direct the program to save the recovered pics into that folder.

If you don't create a New Folder the pics will be recovered to the Programs' own folder in your Programs folder.

  Nontek 12:32 05 Sep 2011

PS - the program will 'recover' all the images such as Icon images etc on your Harddrive - these are easily deleted with no harm to anything on your computer, these images will be in the same folder as the recovered pics.

Also, you can Cancel the recovery process before it ends itself - all images/pics recovered up to that point will still be in the chosen Folder.

  Woolwell 14:02 05 Sep 2011

Back up all photos on to external device (harddrive and dvd) and then you can easily recover.

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