gazash 22:13 23 Jan 2011

i have my dads IPC laptop as he wants it restoring to factory settings but i cant find how to access the boot menu anywhere and i have no recovery disks! does anyone know how to access the specific boot menu on an IPC widebook notebook so i can do this?

  gengiscant 09:38 24 Jan 2011

Instead of just saying help, it would be helpful if you could provide more details. Do you have a model number for the laptop as I can find nothing about a laptop called an IPC Widebook.

I am assuming you wish to get into the BIOS for some reason which is where you will find the boot menu.

Have you tried tapping the delete key after pressing the power on button?
You could also try F2 or F Or F!2. But your laptop Will tell you what key to press. After you press the power on button a lot of text quickly scrolls down the screen, its on there towards the bottom, but you can also press the pause key which will give you time to read which key it is to enter the BIOS.

  Terry Brown 11:09 24 Jan 2011

As you have no recovery disks and apparantly you do not know what you are doing, you may do more harm than good.

What actually is the problem with it?

I am assuming you have access to a copy of the operating system you can load.If so these are the drivers you will need to restore the netbooks functions.

click here


  Diemmess 17:08 24 Jan 2011

Bearing in mind that you class yourself as an absolute beginner some of the previous response is a mite sharp though unintentional.

BUT it does matter to answer Terry Brown's question - Why do you want to reset the BIOS?

If you can fill out the problem, we can point you in the right direction depending on why you want to change the BIOS?

It may be possible to save you from a lot of grief.

  gazash 19:23 24 Jan 2011

yes the model number is D47V

i had a dell laptop and managed to restore it very easily and with the laptop im trying to do now as far as im aware is just incredibly slow! a good ten minutes to start up and half an hour to shut down! Also when opening programs they are delayed and usually say programme not responding for about ten minutes!

  Diemmess 20:08 24 Jan 2011

I doubt very much if resetting the BIOS will do anything to speed things up.

If you search Helproom forum for threads which are about slow computers, you will probably see much the same advice offered post after post.

Malware can jam things badly but you can use a free program like Malwarebytes to scan for any nasties, and I hope you are using up to date anti virus programs which should prevent intrusion anyway.

Assuming it isn't some unwelcome infestation then there is a list of things to do, and hopefully others will be more definite than me.

Please say what anti malware and fire door files you are running?
Also which version of windows?

Start by looking at the programs which run at startup-
(Start> Run> type in- msconfig and press enter.

Click on the Startup tab and untick the programs which you don't need as Windows starts.

You can also look carefully in Control Panel Add/Remove programs and uninstall any that you no longer use.

A last question for the moment, do you have any messages which intrude, or any warnings of errors?

We'll get there, but I will be offline now until tomorrow, hopefully "the night shift" will continue to help you!

  lotvic 01:08 25 Jan 2011

I think gazash is looking to restore from the hidden partition and wants to know how to access that menu - not the bios.

  bremner 16:30 25 Jan 2011

I can find nothing online relating to this laptop.

On amny computers pressing one or more keys initites the factory restore.

You could try hitting F10, F11 or F12 togther with Alt + F10 etc

  gazash 17:59 25 Jan 2011

lotvic that is exactly what im after! if anyone can help that would be fantastic

  Diemmess 18:51 25 Jan 2011

Now try bremner's advice in hitting the right F##!

If that doesn't work, see if you can name a manufacturer for the laptop or where it was bought.
Once that is known it should be possible to find a manual on the 'net, or at least the correct way to initiate the factory restore.

  lotvic 20:48 25 Jan 2011

click here Is it a Sager/Clevo D47V ?
user manuals click here
I think this is the one click here

If it is then I can't find anything in manual to say that it has a restore/recovery partition

have you had a look in My Computer > Manage > Disk management to see how the HDD is divided up?

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