haleytorok 16:43 24 Oct 2010

i'm wanting to buy a laptop and need certain system requirements as follows, can anybody advise me of the best laptops to go for that cover all my needs? also is anywhere offering free office software (word, excel etc)

System Requirements
Windows XP (SP2)/Vista
DirectX 9.0c
Intel 3GHz P4 or dual core Intel/AMD equivalent
Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card (128 MB nVidia FX 5600, ATi Radeon 9800 or equivalent)
3 GB free disk space, additional space for season Live TM
DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card

your advice would be greatly appreciated

  bremner 17:08 24 Oct 2010

Any recommendation depends very much on budget.

How much do you want to spend?

  GaT7 17:15 24 Oct 2010

Please be aware that you won't get XP (or Vista?) or the graphics cards mentioned unless you go for a secondhand laptop (off eBay or locally perhaps).

If you opt for a brand new laptop, you'll most likely get Windows 7 OS pre-installed, & easily meet the rest of the specs & exceed them in most cases. Except for the graphics perhaps, as most laptops these days come with integrated graphics, which may not to be sufficient for your needs.

Will you be playing any third-party 3D games at all? (Note that these are not the same as the games that come with Windows). If going to play such 3D games, then these links may be helpful to some extent to gauge the kind/spec of graphics needed in your laptop click here, click here & click here.

All games are not covered in the above links, so if you were going to play Championship Manager 2010 (CM2010) for example, then a dedicated CM forum may be a better place to pose your query click here. A related older thread there click here.

Your budget will be helpful too as bremner enquired.

And, if you don't mind, can you please include a more suitable thread Title (instead of just "Help!!") the next time you post a fresh thread here or in any other forum. Thanks, G

  haleytorok 17:33 24 Oct 2010

thanks very much for your help. budget is around £300-400

will title properly too from now on, sorry bout that, all new to me!

thanks again

  GaT7 17:43 24 Oct 2010

And the 3D games going to be played? What else will you be using the laptop for? G

  haleytorok 18:43 24 Oct 2010

yes its for champ manager 2010 other uses are watching films, internet usage, facebook, browsing etc and will use for work so need word/excel etc

I believe Open Office is free.

  GaT7 19:16 24 Oct 2010

Right, in that case you'll probably need to buy one with a dedicated graphics card - this can hike up the price a bit.

I'm not sure what laptop graphics will be suitable for CM. So, as suggested before, pose this specific query at the CM forum (link above). You don't need to mention the other stuff, as any laptop that will run CM2010 will be able to run your other activities/software too.

The cheapest decent laptop - with a dual-core CPU & dedicated graphics - I could find at eBuyer for instance costs £365: Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D-10z click here. The included HD 4250 graphics may be enough for CM, judging by the other games it can run at click here. G

  haleytorok 19:38 24 Oct 2010

Thankyou so much G.
Undyer- where can I get open office for free please?

  GaT7 19:44 24 Oct 2010

OpenOffice click here.

Don't take my laptop suggestion to mean the one you should go for, but do confirm it's OK at the CM forum. G

  haleytorok 19:59 24 Oct 2010

You have been very helpful G, thankyou so much

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