si70 19:15 14 Feb 2008

I have just put together an Abit Nv8. The optical drive works fine for the insto of os.It will not read softwre discs. I reset cmos and although monitor comes on ie green light, there is no picture now

  skidzy 19:47 14 Feb 2008

nag nag nag

ok here is my nagging,please do not post HELP,this will get you very limited help as some will not even bother to read your thread.

Please give a brief description of the actual problem in the title field.


Have you reseated the ram and checked all cables and connections and any graphics card is seated correctly.

How did you reset the cmos ?
remove the battery ?
or use the bios jumper ?

Have not researched your motherboard yet;

Also look for a another bios jumper on the motherboard...possibly a dual bios.

If a dual bios exists,move the jumper cap over to the 2-3 pins same for the other bios reset jumpers,leave for 10 minutes and replace the jumpers to pins 1-2 and reboot the machine.

Make sure the power is off when moving the bios jumpers.
This is just a probably solution and at this time have no idea if your mobo has a dual bios.

  skidzy 20:17 14 Feb 2008

Just looked at the manual and can see it does not have a dual bios,so forget my post regarding the dual bios.

If you do not know how to reset the bios using the jumper click here

Apologies if you have done this.

Though this does sound like the ram is not clipped down firmly.

  si70 09:43 15 Feb 2008

Thanks for that . I will try it. Sorry for posting help. I sit corrected and won,t do it again . thanks again

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