Angry Kid 10:02 24 Dec 2007

Morning all,

Please can someone help me?

I cannot access any programs on my desktop and anything with program files on my c drive.

The message I get displayed is as follows:

"Windows cannot access the specified drive, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them."

My normal permissions level is administrator.

I have tried to start in safe mode but all I get displayed is lines of info about the disk and drivers.

The icons within my system tray are not showing at all.

I am posting this through my works pc so will not be able to reply until Thursday.

Thanks for any help and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Angry ;-)

  Technotiger 10:06 24 Dec 2007
  skidzy 10:11 24 Dec 2007

Without acting like a school teacher here;

You have been around long enough now to know how to title your thread.

A title heading HELP is not a lot of use to anyone,a brief description such as LOCKED OUT OF WINDOWS would be better and will certainly get you more response.

Ok scolding over;

If you have the windows cd,try a repair.

Assuming xp click here

Assuming Vista click here

  Angry Kid 09:10 27 Dec 2007

Technotiger...Thanks for your reply.

Skidzy... You are correct with your scalding. However, in my defence, I was searching for info on my problem, and posted by mistake without adding to my original title. Thanks for your post and I'll try this tonight.

Does anyone know why this could have happened?

Thanks again.

Angry ;-)

  skidzy 17:53 27 Dec 2007

XP or Vista ?

  Angry Kid 11:40 28 Dec 2007

I am running XP Home edition.

Angry ;-)

  Angry Kid 11:50 31 Dec 2007

Hello all,

I am still struggling with this problem.

I cannot access any programs, and I'm also unable to get into system restore or other windows system tools.

The option to do a repair installation of XP from the cd rom is also ruled out as when pressing F2 on start up and selecting the cd drive, the pc just continues as normal.

Trying to enter safe mode is also causing problems. When trying to start via this way the pc just shows lines of info displaying details about media, partitions and drivers.

Also, I cannot access anything using 'run'.

As you can see I am having plenty of issues and not a happy bunny ;-(

Does anyone have any additional thoughts on my dilemma?

All the best to everyone in the forum for the New year.

Angry ;-)

  wee eddie 12:31 31 Dec 2007

When entering Safe Mode I get a list of Drivers as you appear to.

The solution ~ Wait a while ~ The explanation is, I guess, that those are the basic Drivers being loaded

  skidzy 12:44 31 Dec 2007

I take it F2 is your bios key;

Change the boot order to cd/dvd / hdd / Floppy / usb

Last two may not apply.

F10 to save and exit,insert your xp Windows disc and reboot the pc.

Hopefully you should boot into the disc ready for the fresh install or repair.

  Angry Kid 15:05 31 Dec 2007

Thanks wee eddie and skidzy.

I'll try these this evening, and will report back.

Angry ;)

  sunny staines 15:28 31 Dec 2007

You may have a virus infection that has also attacked the bios that has locked you out of the bios screen. try opening the case and clearing the CMOS to see if that gives you bios access back.

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