Slamdunka 13:09 08 Oct 2007


I have an acer aspire 5100. It was great. Fianally i got fed up and i took an old restore cd and installed xp. Me not knowing i needed a product key. I could not activate. So everything is gone on my laptop. I can not restore it becuase the stores do not give you restore disks unless it is ordered. Is there any way i can get my laptop restored to vista with my stuff on it?

Lets Re-cap

1. Xp
2. No acer recovery stuff or manegment bar.
3. No cd's

If there is anyway i can fix my pc please post. I really need that pc. I will also get in touch with acer. In case anyone else has the problem!


  Slamdunka 13:11 08 Oct 2007

Hey can anyone who is one here tell me how much os costs

Such as vista xp me or 98

  iambeavis 13:13 08 Oct 2007

There will be a hidden recovery partition on the laptop which will restore "Vista" (or whatever O/S was originally installed on the machine), but your "stuff" will be gone.

  mad1234 13:17 08 Oct 2007

all the info should still be on the hard drive as windows did not delete anything just denied you access.
how about installing a new hd as a master with a working copy of windows & have your old hd as a slave. all your files will be there but you will have to reinstall any programs you had on it.

  iambeavis 13:17 08 Oct 2007

To start the recovery process restart the machine and, whilst the 'Acer' logo is showing, press 'Alt+F10' at the same time

  Slamdunka 13:41 08 Oct 2007

Well i did the alt+f10 but it did not work it just went straight to the xp boot and all of my acer stuff is gone because i installed xp over the c drive any ideas i will try everything again and does anyone know how to get into the hidden part?

  iambeavis 14:02 08 Oct 2007

Yes, Marg7 is correct. I forgot to mention that you may need to turn on the recovery facility - restart the pc and, at the 'POST' screen, press F2 to enter the BIOS. Once in BIOS, use the arrow keys to navigate to 'Main'. In that particular section, make sure that 'D2D Recovery' is enabled then exit BIOS,after saving your changes.

  Slamdunka 14:10 08 Oct 2007

I did the alt+f10

after those thing it did not work

Lets Recap

1. Xp
2.Recovery Gone
3. No Sence of what to do

So any way i can get to the recovery point in the hidden area of the drive?

  iambeavis 14:12 08 Oct 2007

Did you activate "D2D Recovery" in the BIOS?

  Slamdunka 14:16 08 Oct 2007

Yes i did still no luck

  iambeavis 14:26 08 Oct 2007

You're pretty unlucky if you managed to delete your "Vista" recovery partition - I had to use a "third-party" partition manager to get rid of mine. Have you tried getting in touch with the "Acer" hepline yet?

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