FOEYDO 18:12 23 May 2007

I have a website, which I designed myself that has a form for clients to make an enquiry. This is a php form. I have recently been receiving a spate of enquiries through this form, which I can only describe as "spam". In the body of the form,where genuine clients fill their details in, there are links to dubious sites, such as viagra, gambling etc... always with an anecdote at the end such as "thanks" "peace not war" etc... which I obviously havent clicked on but I am curious as to who the sender is and what they are trying to achieve. When someone clicks submit on the form, the contents are emailed to me.

  Forum Editor 06:57 24 May 2007

it will go on and on, and will drive you mad.

You can get software to protect your form for a few dollars. click here for one good example.

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