mumto4 14:16 16 Apr 2007

I have a problem with a port?? at the back of the tower. It is the pink coloured one into which the cable on my speakers go.I am getting the sound coming through but also a high pitched squealing noise. When the speaker cable is jiggled about a bit the squealing stops. Any constructive advice as to whether it can be repaired, and if so how much am I likely to be paying please?

  Technotiger 14:21 16 Apr 2007

Hi, Pink is for your microphone, it is input not ourput, which is the Green socket for speakers.

  dagbladet 15:06 16 Apr 2007

Hi mumto4

If technotiger's tip doesn't help and you still need advice, you might want to think about a subject line that gives a clue to the problem. Perhaps something like, "squealing sound from pink port". This might catch the eye of someone who knows the answer and will readily reply.

Good luck.

  Technotiger 15:08 16 Apr 2007

Message by email ...

Thanks very much for your prompt response. I am new to this site so please accept my apologies if I am not supposed to respond to you this way. Apparently the speakers are connected correctly and when the speakers are disconnected the noise stops. When the speakers are turned off the noise stops. Seems like I might have to get someone to look at it but I don't want to be ripped off if the problem can be fixed at home.

Hi and Welcome to the Forum - no apology needed, but thanks anyway. To help you in future you should download the PDF Forum Rules which can be found on the top-right of the main Helproom page.

The Yellow envelope should only be used by invitation, from the member whose envelope it is.
But I am not scolding you, just explaining. The reason being quite simply that hundreds of 'heads' are better than just one (like the saying 2 heads are better than 1), so if the problem, whatever it is, is discussed openly here then anyone can add there suggestions too, the more the merrier.

So... to your problem, which is what we are here for - first, the sockets on the back of the tower are coloured Pink - for Microphone, Green for Speaker(s). These colours are mainly universal, but depending on whether you have a Sound Card or on-board (on the Motherboard) Sound, there may be additional sockets of the same type, usually Blue and Black - these later two are also used for Speaker connections, for instance if you have maybe 4,5 or more speakers.

Now we need to determine what your Sound system consists of? Do you have a fitted Sound card within the tower, or is it on-board Sound? A sound card would show a horizontal row of small sockets as described above, usually 4, or more.
On board sound would show a 'bunch' of the same type of coloured sockets on the back of the tower usually near the top or middle-left of the back plate.

Can you tell us which you have? Then we can take it from there - lots of other members will be reading this too, so don't be surprised if you/we get more suggestions. That is what makes this the greatest and friendliest Forum on the web.

Sorry to be so long winded, I will shut up now for a moment ......

  Technotiger 15:43 16 Apr 2007

There is always someone here, so if you are busy right now, perhaps kids from school, just get in touch here again when you can.


  Technotiger 16:53 16 Apr 2007

Have added this to your original post - this is how it is done - keep all questions and answers to one Thread (as this is called) until the problem has been resolved.

click here

  Technotiger 16:54 16 Apr 2007

Have added this to your original post - this is how it is done - keep all questions and answers to one Thread (as this is called) until the problem has been resolved.

click here

  Technotiger 17:53 16 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your help and quick responses.
As I am a complete computer novice please forgive my untechnical language here! Firstly regarding what sound I have- on the back of the tower I have, from left to right, black, green, pink, blue and another pink.On the side of the tower I have a green, below the blue. Confused yet? I certainly am! My husband has taken a spare jack which is not conected to anything and put it in the pink port at the side of the tower and I now have sound! Is it worth, do you think, getting someone to have a look at the port at the back which is obviously causing a problem, and if so any idea what I should be paying?
Also, and I hesitate slightly as you have been so quick to help, the windows sound recorder has stopped working, but this is only a minor problem.

  Technotiger 18:16 16 Apr 2007

So, you do have a sound card, as opposed to on-board sound. The squealing sound, if you are still getting it is probably caused by a jack being plugged into the wrong socket. It looks as if you have a line-in socket, a microphone socket, and three line-out sockets - the three line-out sockets are for Speakers. The line-in socket is probably not in use (this is where you could connect say, a hifi unit). Do you have a microphone, and is it plugged in? Microphone not important, just trying to get the full picture.

Another possible cause of the squeal, is perhaps a dodgy speaker cable or plug/socket.

The port at the 'side' of the Tower is, I guess your audio ports on the Front of the Tower - normally one pink and one green or blue, these are for use of a head-set which has a microphone attached, or for separate mic/headphones.

I am not normally this verbal - just trying to make thigs clearer for you. Hope I am not doing the opposite :-))

  Underdogs 18:41 16 Apr 2007

I have an ASUS board with 5.1 sound and you can configure the Pink port as one of the 5 channels output.
If you have not set the sound card to treat the Pink port to act as the output then the speaker will act as a microphone and cause feedback.

Hope this helps

  mumto4 19:11 16 Apr 2007

Thanks very much but.... please can you explain to a computer thickie how to configure the Pink Port as one of the 5 channels output, in baby language please? (I'm fluttering my eyelashes now):)

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