COLIN-234466 16:36 25 Mar 2007

Hi i dropped my computer down the stairs (fastest it's been in ages)done a bit of damage to the front of case plugged it into mains and it started up but getting nothing on moniter thought it might be graphics card so too it out and put it back in again evrything seems a little wobly in the inside is it a write off or is it repairable it's about 4 years old or is not worth the hassle.

  skidzy 16:38 25 Mar 2007

Sounds like an insurance claim is on the cards.........think of the new pc now !

  COLIN-234466 16:42 25 Mar 2007

Thoght abut that to but would they let me dispose of hard drive myself as a lot of info on it . thanks

  skidzy 16:46 25 Mar 2007

I dont see why not,you could use the drive as a slave or used in a caddy to save the data.

On the other hand,have you checked the ram is clipped in securely as this would result in no monitor display.

  COLIN-234466 16:55 25 Mar 2007

Thanks ram is pushed in as far as it will go tried a other graphics card but it did'nt work either one disk drive will open but wont close the other seems to be fine the other half is more worried about the wall the lamitate flooring and the frount door. the full front face of the case is completly knacked

  Diemmess 17:10 25 Mar 2007

Bang in a claim before tomorrow night and include the collateral damage as well.

20 minutes ago I nearly joked about floor and staircase damage, but thought it a bit unkind.
Now it is really worth making a legitimate claim for all the damage.

As for the past-its-best PC, you said things were a bit wobbly inside, at a guess there is a tiny but fatal crack in the mobo.
Strictly speaking a successful claim means the PC becomes the property of the company, but that needn't prevent you putting the HD temporarily in a USB case to collect all that is precious from it.
A sympathetic assessor might well let you keep the old one anyway since its ultimate fate will be landfill.

  p;3 17:23 25 Mar 2007

another thread that has a title of 'help'

we all know you need help else you would not be posting; have a gander at the forum rules regarding thread titles and on your next one make the title a bit more helpful..please

and; if you do chuch the thing out and start again be extemely sure you smash up the hard drive ; info has been known to be 'lifted' from such that have been disposed of and not thoroughly 'cleaned' beforehand

  COLIN-234466 17:34 25 Mar 2007

Thanks everybody for help have phoned insurance and sending a company called ival to asses damage cost 700 when new just for tower from time . son will be pleased as laughed and said new com will do instead of ps/3 . thanks

  skidzy 17:37 25 Mar 2007

If the hdd is ok once put into a caddy and you can save the data...dont throw it away,it can be used as another drive for the backups.....then if you drop any more pc's....the data will be saved !

Of course only if the drive itself is ok.Usb caddy is only a couple of pounds,so worth saving the drive if possible.

  COLIN-234466 17:43 25 Mar 2007

could i not try the hard drive in an other computer and use it as slave to see if it is working only it is loaded with xp home and my other one is xp pro would this be a conflict or would xp pro stil be the start up programe .

  Diemmess 18:28 25 Mar 2007

As long as it occupies a slave position it will not conflict with the primary drive in another computer.

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