james1986 23:07 27 Jan 2007

Ok a couple of things...

I have recently purchased a PACKARD BELL MV46-008 Laptop.

I have a few issues with it.

One - It supposedly has an inbuilt LAN card to access wireless internet - It says this card is switched on when i go through the control panel etc - However I cannot pick up a signal from my router?? I dont know why not.

Two - The laptop makes a very high pitched and loud screech if I close the lid before it has fully shut down - Why is this??

Three - I am having problems playing games on it - It doesnt seem to support any 3d games - Why would this be??

Any help would be much appreciated.

  Kate B 23:11 27 Jan 2007

Have you got encryption switched on at the router? Is the router broadcasting its SSID (the name - mine shows up as Netgear)? Can you see any other networks - your neighbour's for example? And this might sound obvious but do you have to turn on the wireless card in the laptop?

On games, I'm guessing as I haven't Googled the specs of your laptop but I suspect it will have integrated graphics, not a separate graphics card. That means it shares the system RAM with the graphics. Most laptops aren't much good for gaming - if yours has integrated graphics, you can pretty much forget about playing games.

On the screen, I dunno, but some laptops really don't like you shutting the lid before the computer is properly shut down.

Finally, next time you post a help thread, could you give it a more descriptive title? Something like "Problems with my new Packard Bell laptop" would have done for this thread - it gives people a clue what you're asking for so that experts can quickly spot your thread and those who know diddlysquat can move on quickly to something else.

  james1986 23:14 27 Jan 2007

My router shows up on everyone else in my houses' laptops. I have looked for a switch but cant find one! (I am a computer dunce though).

Would I be able to buy a seperate graphics card? How much would it cost roughly and how difficult is it to install??

Thanks a lot for the help and I will make sure any further posts are appropriatley titled, My apologies.

  Kate B 23:36 27 Jan 2007

Can you see any other networks on your laptop?

No, you can't install a separate graphics card on a laptop. When you bought the machine did you say to the salesperson that you wanted to play games on it? If so, you've probably got a valid reason to return it and buy something a little more powerful as it's clearly not up to the job of gaming and it was mis-sold to you. If you didn't say that, though, I'm afraid you've made an expensive mistake if you want a gaming machine because there's nothing you can do with a laptop to upgrade its graphics capability.

  james1986 00:06 28 Jan 2007

The laptop was bought for me, I had no say in it.

That really isnt great news. Sigh.

  p;3 00:26 28 Jan 2007

PLEASE do NOT post in more than one section of the forum on the same subject and DO give a more concise description of the problem in your thread title click here

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