woodm01 20:10 01 Aug 2006

My computer every now and again reboots itself (tonight and the last time being about 7 days ago) without warning.

I use Windows XP Professional and have checked the Events log for an error message but nothing.

When the computer restarts everything is fine. I use a 550watt power supply.

I have run a memory test and all is okay and the cpu temperature is 50c, gpu being 65c.

Any ideas anyone ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 01 Aug 2006
  sean-278262 20:13 01 Aug 2006

Try an AV and Spyware scan. Might be something malicious on your system.

Is it happening when you run specific programs or at random. Dont forget it could be simply that your pressing the shutdown key on the keyboard. I had a board that had the keys placed directly above the direction buttons. Why they were there was beyond me considering they are heavily used all the time by almost everyone.

  woodm01 20:24 01 Aug 2006

I have run a virus + spybot scan, nothing !

Tonight, it rebooted when I was logging in. The last time it just rebooted when I was in Microsoft Excel and I lost all my work!

Could it be the psu ?

  Lady Lara 20:29 01 Aug 2006

just out of's not a Dell is it?

  woodm01 20:36 01 Aug 2006

No, its not a Dell.

I built the PC myself, the spec is:
Intel P4 Prescott 3.0Ghz processor
Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra motherboard
2 x 512mb PC3200 DDR memory
ATI X1600 512mb Pro Graphics Card (AGP)
Sound Blaster Audigy4 Card
2 x DVD-RW drives
2 x hard drives
550watt psu.

  ed-0 20:40 01 Aug 2006

is it a genuine version of XP Pro?, no disrespect, but some erm pirated versions of XP Pro and media centre have been experiencing some mysterious rebootings.

  woodm01 20:42 01 Aug 2006

My xp pro is genuine and registered.

  ed-0 20:48 01 Aug 2006


Not that then.

  woodm01 20:49 01 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help though !

  woodm01 20:50 01 Aug 2006

Is there a problem with Dell PC's then, as I was thinking of buying one

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