HELP! (2) Import WinME Outlook addresses to Win XP

  notrom 09:07 17 Dec 2006

I posted yesterday about trying to import data from an Windows ME Outlook Address Book recovered from a dead pc (burned to DVD by pc repairman) into XP Outlook or Outlook Express on my new computer.

click here

Stupidly, I thought I’d succeeded and thanked BurrWalnut and Pineman100 for their help: when I double-clicked the email addresses imported into Outlook Express, expecting to open up geographical street addresses (and phone numbers, notes on spouse names, children’s names, etc) I need to send Xmas cards, I realised I’d only imported email addresses and nothing else. By the time I’d realised my mistake and posted back to the forum, the thread had gone dead, my helpers presumably thinking I was done, dusted, sorted and satisfied.

Please, please could either of the original helpers or anyone else spare a bit more time and expertise trying to solve my problem? What little I can understand of my internet searches suggests what I really need is the Outlook.pst file, which is also on the DVD. However, I have been unable to access it by any of my hit-and-miss efforts. It’s getting a bit late in the day to send Xmas cards, so I’m pretty desperate! Please remember, anyone who reads this, you’ll be dealing with a thicko when it comes to the inner workings of a pc!

  skidzy 09:37 17 Dec 2006

Without stepping on toes here,can i ask:

You say old pc is the old harddrive ok ?

Maybe you can use something like R-Drive click here
i have been tinkering with a couple of harddrives recently and was advised to use this.Its simple to use and may just help you reclaim the data.
However,you may not have enough time to get the xmas cards out unless you pick one of these kits up or similar from your local pc world/currys etc.

  notrom 09:41 17 Dec 2006


Thanks for your suggestion but the pc repairman who recovered the data for me restored the pc but completely wiped the harddrive in doing so.

  skidzy 09:56 17 Dec 2006

Oh well that suggestion is out of the window then.

Try copying the dvd to a folder on the pc,then use windows search to locate the .pst files.

Type .pst in the search box also make sure search hidden files.

Hope this helps OE is not my thing really,but as no one else is about just yet,i thought id try to help.

  skidzy 09:58 17 Dec 2006

And click here may help

  notrom 10:23 17 Dec 2006

Skidzy, you are a bloody genius! Brilliant! 12/10! Thank you so very, very much. Used your copying method and it worked - and so easy! Fanbleedingtastic! It never occurred to me that it wouldn't import from the DVD. Thank you, thank you once again and a very Happy Christmas to you - I hope you have a nice warm glow inside akin to drinking a nice single malt whisky (or whatever else floats your boat).

  skidzy 14:34 17 Dec 2006

Glad to be of help notrom and thankyou for the kind words.

No excuse for those missing out on the xmas cards now then ha ha :-)))

Good luck and Merry Xmas

  BurrWalnut 14:58 17 Dec 2006

Now that you have recovered the data, it is time to institute your own backup procedures, to prevent further 'pain' in the future.

  skidzy 15:28 17 Dec 2006

follow BurrWalnut advice about backling up,if your not sure how to...start another thread..titled something like

Backup advice needed in XP.

If your totally happy,could you please tick resolved as this may help others in the future.

  notrom 16:57 20 Dec 2006

My apologies to all for not ticking - I thought I had. Thanks again BurrWalnut and Skidzy, will heed advice re back-up.

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