tiny mike 17:52 06 Apr 2005

hello this is my first time on . and i really need help i have a spanish lesson sarting in 2 hours and i just tryed downloadin my webcam i have a old ME COMPUTER but it says that it being used its not in use and i tryed downloadind acrobat and that dont download it wont let me!
i have a labtec webcam.
so pleas help

many thank tiny mike

  DieSse 18:10 06 Apr 2005

Downloading a webcam? - you mean downloading software for it? - Don't you have a CD with the software on?.

"It says it's in use but it's not" - What says what's in use?

"I tried downloading acrobat, but it won't!" - Why won't it - what error messages do you get? - what EXACTLY happens?

You'll have to describe it more clearly if anyone is to help - we can't see what you can see, and know nothing at all about your system. Help us help you.

  tiny mike 18:18 06 Apr 2005

hi i have downloaded lab tec cd software and when i open the program to see the picture that the web cam gives . it say that the cam is in use .
on acrobat it come with downloading bar but does nothing and then say download later and it does not .. thank for the feed back but it is hard to explain my problems . maybe a good idea is take it step by step
thank you

  Graham ® 20:00 06 Apr 2005

The Labtec webcam should have come with the software CD to instal it.

When you say you have downloaded the software, do you mean you have installed it?

  Terry Brown 20:15 06 Apr 2005

Try going to Control Panel, system,hardware, device manager, check to see if you have a yellow mark against the web cam /acrobat entry.If you have right click and uninstall.Highlight any other section, right click and select 'Scan for hardware changes'. If the software is on your system, it will re-install automaticly.

  p;3 20:34 06 Apr 2005

click here

may I also suggest you read this of F.E."s, which give guidance on the use of appropriate thread titles for future requests?
and perhaps this thread could have been titles "problems with web cam", and also give your OS and any main programs running on it; hope this problem get sorted for you; and post back if you need further help:)

let us know how the exam goes?

  Buchan 35 21:36 06 Apr 2005

well said p;3

  tiny mike 21:59 06 Apr 2005

sorry i have read all insructions but the cam dont work i rubbish but many thanks

  p;3 22:03 06 Apr 2005

if you still need it to work, can you post back with the problems you have got and the members can see if they can help?

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