Nelmon2k 22:55 16 Jan 2005

I'm not sure whether this should go under web design or under helproom so i'm sorry if its wrong. I have recently purchased a domain name. I wish to host my website on my own computer for the time being but i don't know how to go about linking the website to the domain name. If anyone can help or point out a tutorial somewhere that i can get information from it would be great. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 01:51 17 Jan 2005

as a web server, and host your domain name on it?

If you do, I advise caution - unless you have some experience in running a web server you'll end up wishing you hadn't started. Apart from anything else you would need to leave your computer running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and if you get any appreciable traffic you'll soon have your ISP talking to you about excessive bandwidth consumption.

My advice is to forget about being your own host and move your domain name to one of the many excellent and inexpensive web hosting companies, where you'll get all the facilities and add-ons you need.

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