help with a 1394 firewire adaptor please

  phil-291503 18:16 13 Aug 2004

Lately i've been having trouble with my netgear ethernet adaptor loosing it's connection every time i reboot, i've done all the usual problem eliminating even down to a complete reinstall loosing all my data. If I have to remove the card and replace it with a new one can I use my 1394 firewire adaptor. I've noticed that in network connections I have a 1394 LAN connection which connects @ 400mbps and my netgear only connects @ 100mbps can I connect my 1394 adaptor to my blueyonder modem to save buying a new network card and if so what cable will I need.

Thanks.........Any help appreciated.

  SEASHANTY 20:26 13 Aug 2004

See if there is anything of help on Robin Walker's website. He covers both NTL and Telewest Blueyonder cable modems
click here

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