help 10 virus' sent from 1 person, is it ilegal

  tbird 21:04 15 Mar 2004

help 10 virus' sent from 1 person, I have received 10 virus' from an address called ELENE they have been severe trojans,1 got through and caused havoc, what I would like to know is, is it ilegal to do this , or what can I do to stop the problem

  VoG II 21:10 15 Mar 2004

Don't open e-mails that you are not expecting especially if they have attachments. Use Mailwasher to delete unwanted mail off the server without downloading. click here

  Gaz 25 21:11 15 Mar 2004

Run a good virus scanner!

  tbird 21:19 15 Mar 2004

I was wondering if it was ilegal to send virus; I mean 10 sent in 2 weeks should be against the law, what do you think?

  tbird 21:19 15 Mar 2004

I now run PC Cilin and Spykiller 2004 at all times but it must be against some law to send so many in such a short time, what do you think

  VoG II 21:21 15 Mar 2004

They may have the virus and it is sending without their knowledge. Many visuses have their own SMTP engines.

  Gaz 25 21:32 15 Mar 2004


But it is against the computing act, but there is nothing you can do really, since you cannot pin point the creators locations very easily.

  georgemac 22:10 15 Mar 2004

I must have recieved about 100 copies of this email over the past fortnight - it is from the same person and the same address every time

Elene - "I have important information for you" sent by ***[email protected]

I am completey fed up of it, surely hotmail or the isp's can block it - but I guess even then they will just set up a new account and send it from there

I have deleted it with mailwasher every time, it has identified it as possible virus

  Taran 22:27 15 Mar 2004

Microsoft are in fact taking it very seriously and working hard as we speak to combat it. Changes have already been made to tighten things up and we will see more of the same in the near future.

Think about it for a moment.

Would it benefit Microsoft at all in any way to handle millions of extra emails daily that are all either spam or virus triggered ?

The sheer extra volume of traffic alone costs a fortune in resources to process.

Many of the spam messages will not, in fat, originate from the email address shown in the senders details when you receive those messages. A lot of spam and most virus triggered email is spoofed so the address that you think it is coming from is often not the point of origin at all.

Remember those spectacular denial of service attacks some time ago that brought the internet to its knees ? This kind of vuris triggered traffic can have a similar if lesser effect.

It's like trying to divert the contents of the M25 on a Bank Holiday weekend onto a single lane country road.

I know its annoying when it happens to us but a few rungs further up the ladder it has a huge collective effect.

  kimjhon 22:43 15 Mar 2004

If you use OE
Tools | Message rules | Mail

On the Mail Rule tab | New | tick the box 'Where the from line contains people' | And tick the box 'Do not d/l from server' | give the rule a name | Hit the blue 'contains people' | and put 'kensuicide' in the appropiate place.

  kimjhon 22:46 15 Mar 2004

Sorry georgemac

That should read :

If you use OE

Tools | Message rules | Mail

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