Hello, i am new here....

  Joalaneil 23:47 10 Jan 2006

Hi, i am a self taught internet fanatic, and still have lots to learn, that is why when i came across this forum, i had to join, it is perfect for me to be able to be in touch with people who know more than i do, but considering i am self taught i am proud of what i have achieved so far.
One thing i would like advice on is Spyware, which ones are 100% free, and the best?

Look forward to a response


  PaulB2005 23:52 10 Jan 2006


AdAware click here
SpyBot S&D click here
SpywareBlaster click here

and for XP only

MS AntiSpyware click here

Don't forget your anti virus too...

AVG - click here

  Joalaneil 00:06 11 Jan 2006

Those are marvellous, and i will look into them more closely tomorrow, but i favour the MS Anti-Spyware one.

I am also changing from Norton anti-virus + Firewall to the Avg+Firewall pro edition, as this one is the only one to offer two years of free updates.
I use a Yahoo pop up blocker, and i am very happy with that.

I have been computer literate now for almost 5 years, and it is a real eye opening experience, i do not think i could manage without one now.

Take Care and thanks

  PaulB2005 00:12 11 Jan 2006

You can get the Free AVG and use ZoneAlarm Free click here too.

All the programs i listed above will work together just fine.

Especially use the SpywareBlaster as it blocks the stuff from getting in rather than scanning for it once infected.

  wolfie3000 04:47 11 Jan 2006

Hi Joalaneil welcome to the forums.

one program i would reccomend is ccleaner

click here

It cleans out all the junk from your pc stuff you dont need anymore.

  iscanut 08:26 11 Jan 2006

I use the AVG AV & Firewall with 2 year support and updates. It works very well and I am very happy with it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:37 11 Jan 2006

There is no need for a home user to pay for AV or firewall protection.

Use AVG free and zonealarm if you need a firewall. If you are on BB using the XP firewall will be more than enough Download MS Antispy and let it run in the background doing it's job.

Download Ccleaner from click here and use it to clear out all your internet and temp rubbish.

A little common sense or no amount of protection will stop programmes getting on your computer (spyaxe was a good example). You will not get hacked on a home compute but there is a chance of a virus or Trojan or two although they will be easy to remove in 99.999% of all infections.

Have Spywareblaster as a reserve but there is no point in going OTT with protection, common sense is much better.


  flaming 14:38 11 Jan 2006

Hello! Welcome to this friendly website. I too am new to the Forums, a New Year questioner.
I am similar to you in that I am self-taught except for the e mail set up someone helped me with in 2000. I thought I'd have a go to celebrate the Millenium as things had got so much faster since I last looked. I managed at e cafes; I sent e mails and surfed happily until I got my bag pinched from one, so it forced the issue, i.e. stop fluffing round PC World every week and get on with choosing my own stuff for home. I hardly used the gubbins first off and had a few teething troubles which put me off. Now I have to have spells when I can't allow myself to go on-line, as hours can pass wih nothing else done. I'm still slower on the up-take than I'd like but this website is marvellous for Absolute Beginners like us, thanks to the helpful wise ones who share their info. and experience. I find manuals too time-consuming and help books don't always do that!

  Mavericke 10:10 13 Jan 2006

A word of advice,never install many antivirus and firewall softwares which runs together or else it might backfire. :)

  stylehurst 14:28 13 Jan 2006

One more bit of free software you might find useful is Regseeker to keep the Registry nice & clean, CCleaner does a pretty good job but Regseeker will get the bits it misses

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