A hell of a lot of spam gets though on these forums.

  KRONOS the First 13:12 11 Jun 2012




A joke.


And here

Games has four

Monty Python is alive and well.

  lotvic 13:20 11 Jun 2012

I've reported quite a lot but I can't get the Helproom link for Contact FE to work in Helproom. It's worked ok in the other forums, networking and games etc.

  KRONOS the First 13:38 11 Jun 2012

He should have spotted a lot of it himself as he was online in the forum a short while ago.

  Matt Egan 13:52 11 Jun 2012

We do our best. It's always helpful if people let FE know, and you can always copy me in: [email protected]

  spuds 13:56 11 Jun 2012

Apparently the forum editor is travelling in France or somewhere similar. He as popped into the forum on occasions.

  Matt Egan 14:02 11 Jun 2012

We're also under something of a spam attack at the minute. As soon as I ban a 'user' another one pops up. Unfortunately the domains are all legitimate webmail clients or I could ban the entire domain! It usually passes once a few posts get knocked back. Spammers are like sharks in that respect. (Shame, as I like sharks.)

  robin_x 14:04 11 Jun 2012

This t'interweb never lets anybody truly have a holiday these days.

Hope the weather is better in France.

  Matt Egan 14:11 11 Jun 2012

I think I've got most of it, but do let me know if you find anything else.

  KRONOS the First 14:14 11 Jun 2012

(Shame, as I like sharks.)

So do I.

  Nontek 14:16 11 Jun 2012

Matt Egan

Well done - good for you!

  lotvic 14:19 11 Jun 2012

There's still one left in Business Forum

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