hel laptop wont start

  andymac1 23:43 11 Jan 2007

My acer 292 lmi cl51 laptop was used on battery power and went off it was left over night without putting power supply in and turning it off properly. When I went to power it up the next day it did not power up, the light for power came on and the battery light blinked for a while. The battery light then went off and came back on fully after a couple of hours. On turning it on initially the cd rom made some noises but that’s all and the screen remains blank the cd rom light blinks while the cd rom makes a noise but the hard drive light does not come on.

  woodchip 23:51 11 Jan 2007

Remove the Battery and try starting the Laptop just on the Mains adapter

  woodchip 23:51 11 Jan 2007

Ithink you killed the battery

  andymac1 23:55 11 Jan 2007

would that stop it working with the power lead and battery together

  woodchip 00:02 12 Jan 2007

Yes. To also put you in the Picture about batteries.
I know this is a Car but it still holds up.

I had a Renault 19 car, Daughter went to friends Starting ok first kick every time not sluggish, cam out and tried to start car, NO go dead. Next RAC man connects is onboard Battery would not turn over The battery had shorted out infernal Not unknown. Fitted a spare battery and fired up first kick. As above remove the battery and try with just Mains. I do not have my Battery in my Laptop I save it for just when I go away. Rest of the time it just as the Adapter plugged in

  andymac1 00:03 12 Jan 2007

il give it a try tommorow cheers

  andymac1 13:52 12 Jan 2007

ive tryed the battery thing of taking it out amnd still the same happens

  woodchip 18:38 12 Jan 2007

Have you tried keep tapping F8 as the computer starts then at the top of list choose safe mode. if you get to safe mode, first run disc check. then Restore

  andymac1 20:14 12 Jan 2007

i have just treyed that and nothing the screen stays blank
i can get the led for the cd rom and hard drive to stay on if i keep the fn key and b key pressed as i put in the power lead the fan also keeps running

  woodchip 23:11 12 Jan 2007

The only thing I can now think, is that the Mains adapter may be faulty. If you have a Volt meter you could check it with volts marked on Adapter

  andymac1 23:33 12 Jan 2007

ive tryd it with a different one and still no luck

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