hekp with ADSL Modems/telephony!

  26trouble 22:18 11 Jul 2006

I have purchased a new Dabs Value modem which is a BT Voyager 100, I already have a Speedtouch 330 working fine but now I have a laptop predominantly used downstairs and a desktop which lives upstairs.

I am having terrible trouble getting everything to work!

I am getting the feeling that having two modems plugged into the wall, even if only 1 is in use at any given moment, is really confusing the ADSL Line.

Is it actually possible to have two USB modems in an ADSL line or have I been really stupid and should have just set up some kind of home network?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:28 11 Jul 2006

There is no problem having 2 modems on the same line provided only one is used at once.


  26trouble 22:41 11 Jul 2006

In that case my problem must be my cheap modem !! :-)

Will mess around with the drivers some more see what I can do - thank you!! x

  26trouble 23:08 11 Jul 2006

Installed some other drivers from click here and it is now working perfectly. Thank you!

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