murken 21:58 29 Oct 2006


I have Windows XP Media Edition and my computer is relatively new using the new duo core processors. The computer keeps on crashing and we don't know the problem, according to the PC it could be anything. what should I do?
My specs are 2.8 GHZ duo core. Dual layer DVD re-writer.NVidia Geforce 7300SE(GRAPHICS). 250 GB hard disk.

  sugarbabe 22:01 29 Oct 2006

At what point does the pc crash? Does it give any messages at all?

  Jak_1 22:02 29 Oct 2006

It would help if you keep things to one thread!

click here

  Meshuga 22:09 29 Oct 2006

A more descriptive title woul be preferable too.

  skell 22:09 29 Oct 2006

When you say the system crashes is it to a blue screen, black screen, switches off or just freezes?

make sure you have no spyware on your system by running this click here and also do a virus scan using your anti virus programe. i assume you have one. if all is well note down any error message you recieve when the system crashes if there is any.

  murken 21:10 30 Oct 2006

It just turns itself of and then to a black screen. reboots itself and says something about hd power input

  skidzy 21:17 30 Oct 2006

Sounds like a faulty psu = power supply unit

If still under warranty,i would send it back unless you have on site callout warranty.

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