Heatsink replacement

  sorceror7374 11:06 09 May 2004

I run an Athlon XP 2000 chip with the stock heatsink/fan but am about to replace it with a good Nexus heatsink/fan and installing it looks to be a doddle, however, there seems to be a total lack of information on how to remove the old heatsink. My common sense tells me that it's possible for the heatsink to be stuck to the processor even after the clip is removed. Am I right? What's the safest way to go about removing the old heatsink and do I need to use something to clean old thermal paste off the CPU before applying new thermal paste?

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  Rayuk 13:50 09 May 2004

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  Flaco 14:15 09 May 2004

Unlikely that you will find the bottom of the heatsink stuck to the top of the processor; the thermal pad or compound that should be present there will not have those kind of adhesive qualities. Remember too, that the processor is 'locked' in place with a hinged arm, so don't worry about the processor coming out together with the heatsink.

When I want to remove old thermal paste, I use one of those handy little sachets of Isopropanol (cleaning tissues) from Maplins.

As for safely removing the heatsink, I'm not sure what your clip looks like, but generally folk use a good sized flat-head screw driver to slot into the clip lug, push clip down toward motherboard surface and then lever outwards slightly to disengage clip from it's retainer hooks. My advice is to use a good size screwdriver and not a small flimsy one that may slip. The bulk will help. Keep the screwdriver perpendicular: you don't want it shooting out sideways once you start applying downward pressure. Use two hands to steady things. There can be a fair amount of resistance on the clip but don't worry, afterall it's supposed to be pretty tight.

I'm sure you don't need reminding, but just in case, make sure you take all the necessary anti-static precautions before touching the PC's insides.

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