Heatsink Problems

  Mastermind 03:48 01 Jan 2003
  Mastermind 03:48 01 Jan 2003

I recently built my first PC. The only problem I encountered was in installing the heatsink on the Athlon XP. It required far more force than I thought it would.

However, I now want to check the serial number on the chip and cannot get the heatsink of again. I have marked the sight of the heatsink trying. Should it be this difficult?

  stripper 04:07 01 Jan 2003

the best way to remove the heatsink is with the motherboard out of the case, if this is not an option use a small flathead screwdriver to push down on one side and slightly lever itagainst the heatsink. Be very carefull not to let the screwdriver slip and hit the mobo. It takes a bit of force as there very tight.

  Quiller. 09:36 01 Jan 2003

There is a nice video of it here, click here

It's under 1 meg and will show you all you want to know.

  Quiller. 09:39 01 Jan 2003

Sorry forgot to say. Un dock player and expand. This will give you full screen.

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